Friday, 6 October 2017

1st Day of the rest of my life... (or at least of the year)

Well, this was supposed to have been posted the day after returning from vacations (on September 11th to be more exact).

I'm one of those who leave the New Year's resolutions for September...

Yes this year, it has been delayed to October, the back to school has been busy and I didn't find the moment...

As I was saying, I have always been a girl who works better near the deadline, seeing that the year goes and all is still the same is an incentive to start looking for changes.

There is nothing like going on vacation to see the other's failure and your own failures and fault (some kind of revelation)

This holiday I have been thinking a lot about health, fortunately it is not because I have any problem, just for something as superficial as the physical aspect, but hey, our physical appearance is still a reflection of our health, right?

When Daniel was born, I had a few extra kilos I wanted to lose (5 to be exact) and then I said that I was going to get in shape...

Well, I just will say that almost three years later I still have the same kilos, and that is that, although I have not done excesses, I have not been constant either in exercising or taking care of what I eat.

So today, October 5, 2017 I challenge myself to start doing Yoga every day (I tried to follow a cardio video on YouTube and I almost die, so I think I'll start by recovering some muscle tone first ...) and from today I remove all processed products that I may prepare at home by myself.

I will make a purpose to eat healthier and eat more fruit, I have it a bit forgotten ...

And you? Any purpose for the return to school?

In case someone more is encouraged to start with Yoga, I've discovered a channel on Youtube that I find quite friendly and easy to follow (yes, in English). It's the Yoga with Adriene channel, it has a lot of Yoga videos for different applications and series to introduce you to Yoga, I started with the 30 days of Yoga, I'm on the third day and for now I'm really enjoying it. Let's see if I can get to day 30! :)

Friday, 29 September 2017

Three easy tips that will make your life easier

Hi, girls!

I'm sorry, I have been a bit unplugged from here lately, I have an excuse, I've been working in a new project: jadewebs and you know, I'm thinking in lots of things simulateously.

Well, back to the topic, I don't know you, but I love all those videos with easy tips for home that are shared in Facebook, how I didn't thought it before? but, do all of them work?

Some of them are a bit like re-invent the wheel.

Nowadays I may show you three easy organization tips that are practical for me :)

Idea 1: Reuse a hands soap dispenser for the dish soap

Have you ever been in the situation of having your hands dirty and you don't want to touch de dish soap bottle?

Solution, fill an empty hands soap dispenser with the dish soap, et voilà, you may use it without having to juggling, and also, you will not waste dish soap when washing.

Dish soap dispenser

Idea 2:  If you have your spices containers in a drawer, write the spice name in the cover.

For me there's nothing worse than having to look for a spice between twenty jars that are almost identical (or just identical if you only buy one brand for all the spices)

Solution, write what is inside each container in the cover, so in just one glance you will know what jar to take.

Spices organization

Idea 3: Fold the clothes in vertical

Seriously, this is one of the best ideas I've discovered thanks to Marie Kondo, the author of the famous The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

If you fold your clothes in vertical, besides of saving space, you will see all your clothes at a glance, so, you will never have to toss all your t-shirts looking for one.

Drawer organization

And you? Have you found any tip that becomes a real improve in your life and not just another way to do something?

Friday, 18 August 2017

How to create your own air freshener

If you are tired of aerosol air fresheners that besides being polluting, they may be toxics, today I share with you a way of creating your own homemade air freshener.

Homemade air freshener

It's a really easy recipe and the result is great, but I have to say that it don't last a lot.

The ingredients are just three, water, baking soda and essential oil.

Ingredients Homemade air freshener

We put in a sprayer a glass of water, two baking soda spoons and two drops of essential oil (I've used a Loto Flower oil)

We shake it well until the baking soda gets well dissolved and taste it, if we think that it leaves low aroma, then we may add a bit more oil.

Talking about the sprayer, firstly I mixed it in the blue sprayer that you may see in the ingredients photo, but finally I put it into an empty perfume sprayer I had because is more comfortable to use and also it makes smaller drops and spread it better.

As said, the recipe is quite fine and by now I haven't appreciated any spot left by it, but it doesn't last a lot, any idea?

EDIT: it works fine over clothes and fabric in general but it leaves rests of baking soda over other surfaces...

I should improve this recipe...

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Homemade Apricot Jam

Summer is here and with it have come the most tasty fruits of the year.

Today I'm going to show you how to prepare a delicious apricot jam at home.

Homemade Apricot jam


 - Ripe apricots
 - White sugar
 - Half lemon

How to prepare it:

I must say that I made the jam to avoid the apricots get ruined, I had so much of them and they were so riped that I shoud do anything with them or I should throw them to the garbage...


First of all you should start cleaning the apricots and then divide and pit them, and then put them in a big pot.


Cover them with water and bring them to boil.

Apricot boiling

Leave them boiling for 8 minutes and then drain.

Apricot draining

Grind the apricots with the help of a blender. And weigh the amount of purée you have.

Apricot purée

The way of making jam is easy, the same weigh you have of the fruit you should use of sugar.
As you see I had 653 gr. so, I needed the same amount of sugar.


Now, put the sugar over the purée in the pot again, take a strainer and add the lemon juice (for this amount of purée I had, I finally used the complete lemon to make the juice, but if don't have so many apricots, probably with half lemon would be enough)

Apricot jam

Heat the pot again (medium temperature), and stir until the sugar dissolves and you will see that it gets to a liquid state, so, you should keep stirring until it thicken, my point is when you lift the spoon and it has a sticky texture a bit dense.

Apricot jam

And when it's a bit less thick than a commercial jam, take it out from the heat, put it in glass jars, and let it cool (it would thicken)

Et voilà, you already have a homemade apricot jam.

Apricot jam

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Activities workbook for summer - DIY

Summer has come and with it has come too the leisure time for the kids, I like to buy kids entertaining activities workbooks just to keep the knowledge acquired during the last course.

Adrian will turn 6 this year, so I've bought him one of those activities books with a bit of all, but Daniel is in that point that he wants to do the same that his brother does, but he doesn't know how to do it yet (he will turn 3 in October)

So, I've decided to make him his own activities workbook:

DIY Summer activities workbook

We only need the printed files, the binder, covers and a beautiful paper to act as cover, I've used gift wrapping paper.

DIY Summer activities workbook - materials

If you don't have a binder you may go to a copy store, I bought this one years ago in the Lidl store, and I think that I will use it a lot in the future.

We cut the gift wrapping paper with a cutter at the same size that the covers.

DIY Summer activities workbook

And die-cut the sheets and the cover, I should advice you that when cutting the wrapping paper, it will be better to put it between other sheets, it's so thin that may bend and it would not be well cut.

DIY Summer activities workbook

Then we place the cardboard at the end, the wrapping paper and the protector to cover and we may bind it.

DIY Summer activities workbook

And voilà, activities workbook finished:

DIY Summer activities workbook

As Daniel is preschooler, I have just added drawings to paint, but if you want to make a custom book, this may serve you as a base, you just have to look for printables adapted to your kids ages.

For instance, I've found some interesting free printables here:
- Education
- All Kids Network
- Jump Start

And for those who are learning English:
- British Council

Friday, 16 June 2017

Leather shoes maintenance

Well, I think that we may assume that the fresh has finished in the north hemisphere and it's time to change the closet and put away the autumn/winter accessories.

But, how should we storage the leather shoes and boots? Have you ever found that a pair of boots you left in a good state the next winter were totally cracked?

To avoid this you just have to make them a bit of maintenance work.

Leather shoes maintenance

During the winter I use to have my boots in a shoerack, but I keep in a closet the boxes with all the fillers that they brought to maintain the shape.

So when the summer comes, I just have to look for the boxes and start filling the boots with the foam and papers to maintain well the shape, mainly with those tall, that are which deform more (I also do this with the Hunter boots, anyway they are so bulky that is the same to keep the boots than the whole box with the fillers)

caja almacenaje botas

After that, I clean them with a sponge or a dry cloth to take out all the dirt and dust over them and when they're clean and dry, I spread over them horse fat with a cloth rubbing well.

Mantenimiento calzado piel

Once finished, I put them in their respective boxes and storage them, until the next autumn.

And you? Do you use any treatment to preserve your boots?

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

You are an incredible person

today I want to share with you a pintable, is really simple but is also something that most of us should remember everyday.

Feel free to save the image above or download the pdf file.