Friday, 16 June 2017

Leather shoes maintenance

Well, I think that we may assume that the fresh has finished in the north hemisphere and it's time to change the closet and put away the autumn/winter accessories.

But, how should we storage the leather shoes and boots? Have you ever found that a pair of boots you left in a good state the next winter were totally cracked?

To avoid this you just have to make them a bit of maintenance work.

Leather shoes maintenance

During the winter I use to have my boots in a shoerack, but I keep in a closet the boxes with all the fillers that they brought to maintain the shape.

So when the summer comes, I just have to look for the boxes and start filling the boots with the foam and papers to maintain well the shape, mainly with those tall, that are which deform more (I also do this with the Hunter boots, anyway they are so bulky that is the same to keep the boots than the whole box with the fillers)

caja almacenaje botas

After that, I clean them with a sponge or a dry cloth to take out all the dirt and dust over them and when they're clean and dry, I spread over them horse fat with a cloth rubbing well.

Mantenimiento calzado piel

Once finished, I put them in their respective boxes and storage them, until the next autumn.

And you? Do you use any treatment to preserve your boots?

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

You are an incredible person

today I want to share with you a pintable, is really simple but is also something that most of us should remember everyday.

Feel free to save the image above or download the pdf file.

Friday, 31 March 2017

DIY Constellations projector

This trimester in the school, kids were investigating about the Space and I did for mine a little constellations projector that could be used as a visor, putting it in the eye and looking to a light, they can see the stars that form the constellation, or using a flashlight they can project the constelation in a wall.

My kid loved it :)

DIY constellations projector

You will need:

- a Pringles box
- black cardboard cut with the size of the Pringles box aperture
- a sharpie with a color that could be seen over black
- a punch
- constellations images
- wrapping paper and glue to cover the Pringles box (I finally covered it with black masking tape)

Materials projector

There are some constellations images in Internet, I used these:


You just have to print and cut them to separate, you don't need to do it over the spots lines, because you are just going to use it as a pattern to do the holes with the punch.

making holes constellation

Try to do it over a padding and resistant surface, such as a carpet, trying to do it over the hand is awful.

Put it as centered as you can, and after doing the holes is a good idea to take the paper out and try to make them a bit bigger moving the punch. And write too the name of each constellation with the sharpie.


Now you have to make a hole in the metallic bottom of the Pringles box (better with a drill, and better in the center..., ahem...)

constellation projector

Now you just have to decorate the Pringles box as you want to and you already have your projector

constellation projector

Now put one of the disks inside the Pringles lid, close it, et voilà, here you have the Leo Constellation:

constellations projector leo

I'm sorry for the photo, it is difficult to do it with the mobile objective....

Friday, 17 March 2017

How to remove musty smells from clothes

Doesn't it happen to you that, specially in winter, some clothes take a musty smell? Well, in that case, don't worry, because it's quite simple to fix, today I bring you a few tricks to recover those clothes.

remove musty smells

The musty smell in clothes may be due to different reasons, sometimes it is simply a thick garment that has not dried well at all, it can be a piece that we've forgotten wet in a corner, or simply that the clothes have been in the washing machine longer than due.
Sometimes when washing the garment again that smell doesn't go away, if is your case, try these tricks:

- If you forgot clothes in the washer and now you have musty smell in them, you just have to go back washing programming by adding a cup of baking soda in the detergent compartment.

- If the towels have not dryed well and smell musty, you have to wash them again in the washer with two cups of white vinegar , then tend them and make sure they get completely dry (in addition to removing the smell they will be softer by the descaling effect of vinegar)

- If you have clothes with a very strong odor, put them in the washer and replace detergent by a glass of apple cider vinegar . If you want to increase the effectiveness, you can also add half a cup of lemon juice and a cup of baking soda .

By now, it has been enough for me to wash clothes with a glass of apple cider vinegar to remove smells, and don't worry, the laundry will not smell like a salad ;)

Thursday, 2 February 2017

2017 intentions

Yes, I know we already are in February, and that people use to do this in January, but this last January has been for reflection and discard.

To see where I am and where I want to be actually...

You know, I'm getting older (I'm going to turn 37 in September) and I'm aware that most of my intentions are the same one year and the next... definitely if I don't find 'the moment' it is because they are not the adequate intentions or they are badly considered.

So this year, my personal intentions or goals are reduced to just two, I want to create a new web about design, looking for a future where I could be entrepreneur (it would be nice, isn't it?) and to improve my photographs and dedicate them the time they deserve (just an example, I have a reflex, I'm not a beginner and I know how to edit photos, but finally I take the photos for the blog with my iPhone and don't edit them at all, just to put the title... I need to improve that)

By now, I've started with the Wordpress design and I've signed up in a photography course, well, in December we will see if these two intentions are more realistic than the other past years ;)

Now is perfect for me that printable I made a year ago...

Friday, 23 December 2016

Another year is coming to its end

and once again that awful feeling of standstill... 

Does it not happen to you that suddenly it seems that you are halted? Right now, I have a 'To do' list but I do not want to do it, it's not procrastination, it's rather boring... I have my goals set, I know what I should do to progress but I have no desire to put myself into it, I do not know if it is because of those three weeks in a row of fog and mist and this last one cloudy has ended my optimism or if I lack some vitamin, but these last weeks I am out.

Any advice to get motivated? I would appreciate it, a lot...

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

It's almost Christmas!

I admit it, I'm a very consumerist person, and Christmas is a time that I love, always liked me a lot, even when in my family were a bit bored about decorating and so on, but, now I'm compensating myself =D

At my family's home Christmas time is synonymous of eating a lot (maybe like in the rest of Spain) and a little bit of Christmas decorations, just the necessary to 'pass the exam', I think that since my sister and me grew up, no one put the Nativity scene and now the Christmas tree is a rubber plant with some red balls hanging (and this is absolutely true...)

But when I get married I said: Ah, no! in my home I want a proper Christmas decoration.

At home, the 1st of December all the decoration must be in their place (more since we have Clyde visiting us). So the 1st of December when the kids wake up the first thing they found in the living room is the advent calendar under the tree and Clyde hidden inside it:

elf on the shelf

The Nativity scene is a 'must' too, however by now is a bit minimalist:


This is one thing I have to improve, to put a bit of atrezzo to the nativity scene, you know, mountains, houses, the village in general, but by now we are waiting to our definitive home to buy more things.

Also each year, we take a photo of the kids to create a Christmas greeting card, by now I have each one inside a simple frame in the living room shelves and the idea is when they get older (and don't want more photos, ahem...) to create a big collage pasting all the frames :)

Otherwise, our Christmas is quite slow, with a lot of homemade butter cookies, a lot of games, christmas carols and a lot of hours cooking for the important suppers in Spain: Christmas eve dinner, Christmas lunch, New Year's Eve dinner and New Year's lunch (thankfully we celebrate 'Reyes', the 6th of January, at my sister's home) but I have to say that it is worth the effort and I enjoy it :)

Next year I want to incorporate the Advent celebration (the real, not just eating the advent calendar chocolates XD).

And you? How is your Christmas? Do you have any special tradition?