Thursday, 29 September 2016

Starting with the KonMari Method - First day, my closet

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Well, as I told you few days ago, last sunday I started with the Marie Kondo organization method.

First step: Organizing clothes

The first thing to do is to take everything out from the closet (even if you know for sure what is where and you are sure that you will not throw it away) and put it over the floor or the bed, so we may see the volume of clothes we have, and from this point to chose what to keep according to the principle of, does this cloth spark joy on you?

Ok, it's a bit abstract concept, you may love your clothes but to say that a pair of trousers will make you happy is a bit... strange, another option (maybe more accurated) is to ask yourself, if you see that clothes right now in a shop, would you buy them again?

I'm going to tell you what I did, during the week before I spent some time looking for some looks that I like in Pinterest, something according to my style, I created a board and started saving some ideas.

I started my 'clothing cleaning operation' in the Sunday morning, the idea is to take absolutely all the clothes out of the closet, ALL, from every closet or chest of drawers where you have clothes in, even that clothes that are in boxes because is for other season.

This is how my bed looked at that moment:

Once with the closet open as if it was an empty canvas, I started chosing clothes from one to one and thinking if they adjusted to my style.

Then I started discarding clothes that didn't go to my style and in most cases clothes that were a bit old and a bit ruined... (I don't know why I kept them in my closet...)

Then, I started putting the clothes I decided to keep carefully in the closet, first in hangers ordered according to their size (in the left side the longer pieces and in the right the shortest), it makes it look clearer and helps me organize better the closet bottom (which is where I have my boots, bags and my sewing basket).

I tried (and I have achieved) to hang just a piece of clothing in each hanger, when I take out all my clothes from the hangers I discovered things that I hadn't seen for years XD.

After that I put in the closet the folded clothes in three stacks, one for sweaters, other for t-shirts and tank tops and another one for big pullovers.

I should say that I have kept 4 things that doesn't make me happy or unhappy and don't work with my style but they are some wardrobe essentials, you know:

- a nude trench coat
- a black suit
- a green cocktail dress
- a little black dress.

Five garbage bags after... this is how my closet looks now:

Now it's a lot more organized, there's no photo from 'the before', sorry, but to make you an idea the stacks of clothing where touching the upper shelf and, although the number of hangers I have kept is the same at least each one of them have 4 pieces of clothes on it, and you couldn't see the closet bottom...

Do you want to make a deep closet cleaning? Have you ever tried it?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Marie Kondo's Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up

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Yeeeees, finally I couldn't resist more, I have been thinking about it for months, I had read so much in webs and blogs that I didn't decide, but now it's mine =)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up from Marie Kondo or KonMari Method, for those distracted, is a bestseller about home organization, is quite simple and I think that there is its charm and success.

Actually it doesn't explains anything new, we have (most of us) an important hoarding problem with clothes, books and random things that makes our homes look messy.

Something new is the way it's suggested, the first pages of the book remember me to books about Attraction Law and Emotional Coaching, but is a nice book to read and, well, maybe it will not makes your life perfect in a Magic way but for sure it will make you think about some things.

One of the most important things is the way of purge and organize, it isn't made room by room, but by cathegories first clothes, then books and finally other objects.

By now I have read half book and I haven't started to purge, but I think I will start soon, I will keep you on track =)

Have you tried it? What do you think about this method?