Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How to make your own saline solution at home

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Well, I think this is the very best solution that my pediatrician has given to me.

I started, I suppose than same as most of parents, buying the saline solution in small doses when it was needed, from time to time... until my kid started the school, and from then the mucus have became his partner (this year, they seem to be quite controlled, lets knock on wood...) with so much nose washings, we finished changing to a litre size and taking it with a syringe until in one of our last visits to our pediatrician she said us: And, why don't you prepare it? It's really easy... O_O (I think that was more or less my face...)

Well here you have the recipe, we have been using it for a while and it works (let me say, that if I would need it to wash eyes, I would buy it in a pharmacy...)

recipe saline solution

This saline solution may be used for 48 hours after its preparation, then it should be thrown away, so you don't have to prepare a lot.

We will need:

- 1/2 litre of water
- 5gr. of salt (salt as natural as possible, never with iodine or it will sting a lot)
- 1 glass bottle with a cover

We put the water in a pot, we take it to boiling point and kepp it boiling for at least 5 minutes, passed that time, we add it the salt and stir the water until having the salt solved and bottle it.

When it gets cold it may be used with the help of a syringe.

It's easy, isn't it?

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