Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Official presentation of Daniel (MiniSuperBoy)

Traducción a Español / Translation to Spanish

So here we have the first photo MiniSuperBoy:

Yesterday was a perfect day medically speaking, we got the results of the glucose tolerance test, and they were OK, so in this pregnancy I get rid of the long test (yipee!), also the iron levels were correct, so by now I get rid of the damn iron pills.

In the afternoon we went on a 3D ultrasound scan, in a private clinic, and here we have the first official photo of MiniSuperBoy, isn't him cute? do not lie, let's be honest, it's a fetus, buuuut, doesn't seem to have a unpleasant face, he also has an enviable flexibility, what you see leaning on his forehead is a hand and a foot, OMG! that explains why he moves in the belly so much :)

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