Thursday, 31 July 2014

SuperBoy's Cake

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Yesterday SuperBoy celebrated his third anniversary, it seems incredible how time passes one day is a just a little baby that hardly meowed and the next is a big boy with all his temper and his desire to play and run.

I'll show you the cake I made for him, the idea was to buy a cake already made ​​this year, given my considerable volume and the absolute laziness I have, but the bakery where I wanted to buy a fondant cake with a Mickey figure is closed for vacation, so I ended up doing this Limoncello cake and adding it a figure of Spiderman:

What do you think? I know that is not well covered by the sides, but
the cream is really difficult to handle with the summer kitchen temperature, anyway, SuperBoy loved it, well, in fact, SuperBoy, his father and all his grandparents. I have them all really well fed.

Next week I will publish the recipe ;)

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