Friday, 23 January 2015

Getting fit

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This is one of my goals this year, miniSuperNene is already 3 months old and now that he sleeps more is the moment to start thinking in getting fit.

This shouldn't be very difficult and that's why I don't want to postpone it more, during the pregnancy I only gained 9 to 10 kg, so one month after giving birth I already weighed the same than before pregnancy, but, my body is not the same, with my first pregnancy I recovered my previous shape without effort, in this second all points that if I don't work, it will have this appearance (or even worse) forever:

It's totally out of tone, so I'm going to start a Pilates routine at home three days for week (at least by now, my stiffs don't let me do more...)

I will tell you the progresses 

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