Wednesday, 22 April 2015

DIY - Burp cloths

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I have this blog (well, I'm not going to cheat myself, all my other blogs are exactly equal) totally abandoned, so today I will share with you something I made for miniSuperBoy with scraps which left over me when I made the cover for a changing table.


If you haven't heard about them, they are 'clothes' that are put on the shoulder so that when your baby do burp, if he/she regurgitates, this goes to the burp cloth, not to your clothes, it is quite useful, indeed :) In addition is quite simple to make.The basic materials are:

  •      A scrap of about 35 x 15 cms
  •      A piece of plastic book cover of the same size (to waterproof the invention)
  •      A piece of cloth towel with the same measurement
  •      A bias binding to finish the seams


The first step is to cut the three pieces, as you see I have made a recess for the neck, but that's optional.


These two strips of fabric you see in the picture was an attempt to make my own bias but it was not well ...

We present the three pieces leaving the finished sides out and putting the plastic between the two fabrics, we held with pins and make a overlock stitching around the edge.


Basically we have our cloth, we now only need to sew the bias tape around the perimeter, et voilà.


Yes, I know that the bias is much better if you hand sew hiding the stitch, but I was trying to do something fast...

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