Friday, 29 May 2015

DIY - Replace the baby seat cover

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Well, well, well, I can't believe it, I've finally finished making the new cover for the car seat that a friend left me for MiniSuperNene :)

Here are the before and after of the chair:

DIY - Baby seat cover before & after

I tell you, a friend of mine gave me a baby seat that had been used by six babies and, although the seat is fine, the cover was literally destroyed, this was its appearance:

Old seat cover

So I gathered my courage and went to buy materials to make the cover, first I took the measures, I wanted to make the back with a printed fabric and the sides with a solid color that combined, so I dismounted the cover and estimated about 15 cms. extra just to prevent any fail at cuting or sewing...

Seat cover dismounted

In this photo I had not finished undoing it and it lacked to remove a seam in the middle of the armrest and the one that shapes the curvature, but well you get the idea.

With my measures I went to a fabric store and bought canvas fabrics for the front, wadding for quilting (twice the measures, to be a bit more comfortable) and a simple cloth remnants that was in the store for the back of the cover (the part facing to the seat).

DIY baby seat cover materials

I started drawing the outlines of the parts in the back of the fabric (here you see how awful was the back part of the original cover):

DIY baby seat cover
  I cut the pieces and the wadding:

DIY baby seat cover wadding

And began sewing, first, the whole outline in zigzag to prevent fraying and then making diamond shape to keep wadding on its place.

DIY sewing baby seat cover

once I had the pieces, it only rested to present them over the original to copy the positions of the eyelets for the belts, make them with the sewing machine and sew the parts following the original pattern, and finally sew bias all the edge along to have it better finished...

I thought it would be harder to do it but as in this case, the original case was not necessary to preserve, it had helped me to use it as pattern and not have to be taking exact measures and making patterns :)

DIY finished baby seat cover

What do you think? I used to think this would be impossible for me to do anything like this, but I have discovered that it is only a matter of taking risks and try it all, all you can lose is the money you spend on the cloth... We should take risks!!! :)

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