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Introduction of complementary feeding

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One of the things that certainly generated more doubts related to babies is the introduction of "non-milk" foods.

 About when to introduce it, as usual depends on the 'trend' when SuperBoy was on it, it started from 6 months, with MiniSuperBoy I was said from the 4th month, but in either case I didn't do it so, but don't misunderstand me, in the first case, I get back to work when SuperBoy was 5 months, so after talking to the pediatrician we decided to overtake the introduction of fruits to avoid interfering much in breast-feeding. And in the case of MiniSuperBoy, as with the first one we did it well, we decided to follow the same plan when I returned to my job, he began with the fruits... Anyway my pediatrician gave me a plan to follow about how to make the introductions and this is what I'm gonna show you.

Complementary feeding


The idea is to introduce babies new foods to get used to new tastes and textures that complement their intake of milk, but until their first year, their feeding should continue being based on milk (breast or adapted) mainly.


Cereals: non-gluten grains (rice, corn, tapioca) can be introduced from 4 months, and gluten grains (wheat, barley, oats, rye) from 6 months.

Vegetables: are introduced from 6 months, potatoes, green beans, onion, borage (just the stalk), zucchini, leek and carrot. Served with raw olive oil. Green leaf vegetables (chard and spinach) are introduced from 8 months.

Meats: from 6 months and about 3 or 4 days after starting with the vegetables, they should be lean meats (lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, rabbit and loin and sirloin from pork)

Fruits: start with non-allergenic fruit (apple, banana, pear and orange), from 7 months you can gradually introduce the most allergenic (strawberries, blackberries, peach, raspberry, kiwi, pineapple, melon, nectarines... ) leaving a pair of days between them to see if there is any reaction.

Fishes: are introduced from the month 7 the white fishes, be very careful with the thorns, the blue fish is introduced after the year.

Legumes: are introduced from the months 9-10 in small quantities with vegetables, potatoes or rice.

Eggs: from 9 months is introduced the yolk only half per meal until the baby gets the year, and the white is  introduced after the 10 months, with both parts we start giving just a little, boiled and mixed with semolina or vegetables and when you see that it goes fine, then we may give the baby half yolk and half white.

Yogurt: from 10 months.

The salt will be introduced from the year.

Always remember that every new food will be introduced one by one, we cannot give the baby to taste a new fish and on the same day a new fruit, because in case of intolerance are not going to know what caused it.

At what point am I with MiniSuperBoy? Now he is 7 months, he continues to breastfeed for breakfast (7:00 a.m.), around 10am he takes adapted milk with cereals, at 12pm he eats vegetables with meat or fish, then he takes fruit at 4.30pm and between 7pm and 8pm breastfed for dinner.

And you? What do you give to your babies? Do you have any different instruction from your pediatrician?

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