Friday, 31 July 2015

Finally we had a blue cake

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Blue cake - SpongeBob SquarePants

This is the blue cake for SuperBoy's birthday, with his favourites characters ever, finally I didn't complicated much, I just mad a sponge cake, I filled it with a chocolate ganache and I covered all with a buttercream dyed in blue to give it a sea look and I put SpongeBob and company to surprise my child.

The rest of the menu finally were some basic starters with cured meat, toasts with a false king crab pate and rolls of tuna and surimi.


Asparagus with salmon

Asparagus with salmon

And finally as main course some pork sirloin with a pepper sauce that were delicious (and I don't say it just because I cooked them... I didn't take photos of them I'm sorry)

So that was our menu, during this next month probably I will start to share this recipes in the blog Tiempo de cocinar (I'm sorry, it's only in Spanish), anyway if you want to know how to prepare any of the courses you just have to say it and I will send you the recipe (in english, of course) :)

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