Wednesday, 1 July 2015

How changes family from 3 to 4

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Now that MiniSuperBoy is already 8 months old and things begin to stabilize, I think I can talk about how effectively changes the family.

As everything else, it is temporary, at first, after birth it was a little chaos, with SuperBoy who wanted to catch his brother all the time (that was then, now occasionally plays with him and tells him things...) and the poor little baby with a marked routine, when SuperBoy was a baby I remember that during maternity leave we woke up when he woke up, we went for a walk if we wanted, if not, we stayed quiet at home, breast feeding on demand at 100%, etc.

Alas, friends! but with the second child is not even close, I will put in situation, MiniSuperBoy born in October, the second month of school for SuperBoy and to make it more fun he was still adapting because he didn't go to the kindergarden...

Well this was our day-to-day:

I woke up at 7am, I cleaned a bit my home, just the basic, at least removing the dishes from the dishwasher... I woke up SuperBoy, visit to the toilet, dress and breakfast, during breakfast, I woke up MiniSuperBoy to breastfeed and dress him, while the other one ended his breakfast and called me shouting because he wanted to get off the chair, let the poor little one in the crib, because of course, we don't want SuperBoy get jealous; another visit to the toilet to wash hands and I let him to play while I finished dressing  MiniSuperBoy. Well, time to leave home, SuperBoy did not want to leave (damn!),  convince him while MiniSuperBoy look at us, we went for the car, put MiniSuperBoy into his car seat, SuperBoy hopefully wanted to sit in his chair without making a scene, then running for school, find somewhere to park, mount the stroller for MiniSuperBoy, take both kids out of the car, grab the changing bag, the school lunch bag and the SuperBoy coat, run for school and finally there's the freedom, I took a little walk with MiniSuperBoy (a short walk of three hours until it was time to leave the school...) making some stops for breastfeeding, then we picked up SuperBoy, I sat MiniSuperBoy in his chair, dismounted the stroller, SuperBoy made an scene to get  into the car, travel back home, another scene to get out of the car, finally we get home, wash hands and went to play while I prepared lunch, we ate fast to go back to school, everyone to the car again and back to school again, and then finally returned home until the time of leaving school in the evening, then we picked up SuperBoy to go to the park or to play at home, and relax... until 7pm time for bath, at 8pm dinner and 9pm time to go to bed (SuperBoy) and wait for the little one fall asleep, usually around 9.30pm ...

That was until it started doing really cold, then we replaced the 3 hour walk to get back home to clean and  cook, and also replaced mount-dismount so many times the
stroller for carrying MiniSuperBoy in a Manduca baby carrier (the very best buy, ever)

 And basically this was our life throughout maternity leave, it's a shame because you can not enjoy the second baby as you did with the first one, but hey, those months pass quickly and as he needs less attention, things stabilize and you see how they enjoy together.

Now that we are in holiday, routine is established and has not changed much, MiniSuperBoy wakes up between 7 and 8 in the morning for breakfast, I leave them with their grandparents, they give MiniSuperBoy brunch at 10am and lunch at 12pm, when I get home from work at 1pm I try breastfeed him, I prepare the meach for me and SuperBoy, at 3pm everyone goes to sleep and I return to my job, at 5pm they have a snack and at 7pm I leave my job, dinner at 8pm, and at
9.30pm the kids go to sleep (from 7 months MiniSuperBoy sleeps all the night until 7 am) and the adults stay up until 10.30pm (what folly! XD )
What about you? How your life has changed when having more than one kid?

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