Monday, 27 July 2015

Preparing a birthday celebration

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Today Facebook has reminded me that four years ago I looked like this

so here I am, preparing the birthday party for my baby, each day less baby because in 3 days he will turn 4, wow, time flies... he was a baby and now is a little person with his opinion and character... 

As I said I am preparing the menu, we will be in 'petit comité', only the four grandparents and the four of us, so I don't have to complicate me a lot, also I have to work that morning, earlier years I have taken all the day in vacations but this year the morning was impossible, so I have to leave everything more or less prepared the day before and here I am thinking what to do. I think I will prepare some starters (with this weather it's essential to prepare cool and easy meals) and stewed meat that I may have prepared the previous day, and just have to heat it. 

And the cake... Oh, how to forget the cake, my boy has been all last week asking: -today are we going to eat cake?... I only know it's going to be blue, is the only requirement, I ask: -what flavor do you want it? -Blue... O_o Does anyone know how it tastes the blue? XD. In this case it's going to taste to cream butter, which is the only thing I have clear from the menu ...

I'll tell you what I finally decide about the menu, meanwhile... suggestions are appreciated!

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