Monday, 10 August 2015

Miguelitos recipe

Traducción al español

This is a truly simple to make dessert recipe, that's ideal for children snack (they love it!) or to take to a picnic.

The Miguelitos are pastries typical from the village of La Roda (Albacete - Spain) made with just puff pastry, "crème pâtissière" and icing sugar, really simple ingredients that is difficult to find someone who doesn't like them.

Miguelitos - repostería


- 1 puff pastry sheet
- 1/2 kg of "crème pâtissière" (I'm sorry I don't know if it has a better translation)
- icing sugar


We should start preparing the crème pâtissière (this time I found a powdered product that only required to add milk to make it, it was a good discovery :D) and we leave it get cold.

Apart, we lay out the pastry sheet and cut it in squares or rectangles while we preheat the oven at 200ºC.

Miguelitos - hojaldre

We put the pastry in the oven tray over the same paper that wrapped the pastry and bake it for 10-12 minutes, they will get swell quickly and when they start browning we take them off.

We put them to get cold over a rack.

When they get cold (both, the pastry and the cream) we start cutting the pastries like they were sandwiches and fill them with the cream.

Miguelitos - rellenando el hojaldre

And now we only have to dust them with icing sugar and serve (or put them in the fridge if you may resist XD)

Miguelitos terminados

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