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8 habits of organized people

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Have you ever wondered how is to be an organized person? If you are like me, you would have probe it (even taste it, we could say) during a short time before coming back to total chaos, sheltered in the excuses that we are tired, we don't have enough time, etc, do you know what I'm saying?

Really organized people have some routines that helps them to maintain that organization and about those routines we are going to talk today.

Habits organized people

Understanding what organized people does.

Let's be realistic, our days have all the same hours numbers, then, why some people in our same situation (kids/job) have all their tasks finished at 9pm and you finish making the kid's costume at 1am the day before the performance? Well, it's just a better time management.

I must admit it, I have a serious procrastination problem, years ago in the high school, I used to let all the work 'for other day' and the day before the exam I had to study until early morning. So lets be realistic, it's not about the others supposedly having a great luck with longer days, it's about having good routines.

What organized people does.

1. An organized person knows what to do and when.
This is basic, we cannot forget dates, taking control of what we should do and the time that we should spend on it, we may organize ourselves so we will not have to go running from here to there, for instance, if we know that something will hold up us at midday we may leave the lunch prepared at the morning.

2. Priorize.
Ok, we have our to-do list full of things, but there are always things more important, more urgent or complicated. The key, first the very-urgent ones, second the complicated (they have the risk of keeping stuck in the list forever) and then the rest of the list ordered by importance.

3. Divide to win.
This is related with the previous one, if a task may be divided in some smaller tasks, divide it (mainly  if it's a complicated one) we are less lazy to start 1 task that will take 15 minutes even if it's followed by 3 others of the same time, than a bigger one that will take us 1 hour.

4. Think about the time that will take the task.
You always have to think about the time that will take you to complete a task and the time you have to make it, there is nothing worst than start doing tasks and letting them half-made.

5. Don't multitask.
Seriously, most of people (and most of tasks) don't work fine at multitasking, if you don't focus in what you are doing, the only thing may happen is to lose more time than estimated.

6. Delegate.
Really, all of us are supermommies/superdads, nothing is going to happen if you let someone to help you, your partner, the grandpas, is not necessary to do all by ourselves (time ago I was totally against this but with MiniSuperBoy I realized that it wasn't necessary to get so tired)

7. Make things well from the first moment.
My mom always said me 'it takes you the same making things well than make it bad', and now I realize that she was right, those tasks you do quick and not focused, later they should be fixed, so, at the end it takes the same time, and they could be well done from the start...

8. Organize, at least, one week before.
Take your planner the Sunday afternoon and check all you need to do, plan the week menu, your dates (and your family dates), what the kids have to take to school, what you need to buy, and according to what you have and don't, organize your week just to don't realize at arriving home from work at tuesday night that you need the next day somthing for the school and you have to go running for it...

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