Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Planning to buy a new house

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buy new house

We are masochists, I know, now that we have almost finished to pay our home mortgage and we have done all the improvements that can be done in a 90 squared meter flat, now, we start thinking about moving to a new home.

We have already found 'the house' and is most than decided, but for it, first we should sell our current home (and, yes, now it isn't the easiest thing in the world). So here I am thinking in all we should do, in just 3 months we reach the 10 years of our home certificate so we will may sell it. Now we are quite entertained looking for what we need to do to sell it and making numbers to buy the other one.

I'm going to make a binder to have a little control about what to do with my current flat and with my future home (yes, I'm getting quite excited with the binders XD).

The first in my To-Do list, it's going to be making some flattering photos of the flat, a cleaning and a list of things that I'm not going to need in my next home and I will try to sell in a second-hand shop :)
And as soon as I could see the new house blueprints, I'm going to calculate if my current furniture can fit on it and what to do with the extra rooms that it will have, yipee! XD

As soon as I progress with my organization I will inform you, let's see if we may get any useful tip (I hope not because I fail on them...)

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