Friday, 22 January 2016

Preparing to move - 5 first tips

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So, if some weeks ago I told you that we were planning to buy a new house, today I tell you that we have made all our calculations and if all goes fine (and we find a buyer for our flat) we will move to a new house.

An as the organized person that we are (and a bit hurrywarts, to say the truth) we have started thinking and planning the first steps for the moving.

By now we aren't in a hurry, in fact we have two months left to may sell it officially, however we have started preparing things. Here you have the first 5 tips:

1. Look for clean cardboard boxes with a medium size and tape

This is easy for me because I work in a workshop, but in other case, surely you know someone who works
in a shop and may do you the favor of save some for you, of course, you may also buy them but, I think that if we may find them for free, better, isn't it? About the medium size... well your back will thank it...

2. Start cluttering off

There's not any need of taking our clutter with us so, this is the best moment to throw away (or even sell) all we don't need.

3. Look for a place to keep the moving boxes

A room you don't use, a storage room, a second home, your parents home, etc...

4. Take room by room

Start with a room and watch what you haven't used lately and you may not to use it but you don't want to throw away, that may be already packaged, so when it comes the moment to move you will not have so much to package.

For instance, I have started with the books I have already read:

The next things I'm going to package is the kids clothes that is already small and I want to keep, at the same time I will donate part of those clothes.

5. Number the boxes and record what you package.

When you put your things in boxes, make an inventory or what you are packaging and where it will be keep in the new place. I have prepared some labels for the boxes, these are for the boxes with just one kind of objects (e.g. 'books') and an inventory for those boxes with different kind of objects, to record all that is inside the box. Also a boxes list that keeps the box number, what's inside it (grosso modo) and what will be it's final location.


In short time I will continue with the tips :)

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