Monday, 15 February 2016

Collecting decoration ideas

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This is just a little idea, partly taken from Pinterest, it's like taking the virtual Pinterest and transform it into a real one...

collecting decoration ideas

And there is an undeniable thing and that is that Pinterest is really comfortable, you may save there all the ideas you like to come back and read them after, however, we pile the decoration magazines and finally we get lost between so much photos, some impracticable and some just odd, try to find something some time later will be almost impossible.

So I have decided to take all my decoration magazines

decoration magazines

and make with them an ideas 'collage' in a notebook

notebook decoration

So now I have more free space in the book shelf and I organize the ideas I like most at the same time.

And you? Do you accumulate magazines or do you use to throw them away after reading?

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