Monday, 8 February 2016

How to remove blood stains

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Yes, I know, it seems a title for Dexter, but, who has never been scared with a kid and after the scare has seen him/herself throwing the clothes to the garbage?

This tip was given to me by the urgencies doctor after a visit when SuperBoy fell off the bicycle.

And, know what? It works! It's so easy as putting peroxide on the stain (first it would be a good idea to put a bit of peroxide in a hidden part, so you can see if the cloth accepts it to avoid ruin all the clothing)

As said, you put peroxide and the blood starts fizzing, then you rinse it, you put again peroxide and keep rinsing it and putting peroxide until the fizzing stops, then it will not be blood in the cloth.

Then you wash the cloth as always, et voilà!

PS. Here I have two solutions in one, I cleaned the stain and I gave use to an expired peroxide bottle, so if you have expired peroxide don't throw it, put it in the cleaning cabinet.

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