Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Giving money in an original way

Today, I'm going to show you a different way of giving money, my nieces are already grown-up for some gifts and now all they want is money to buy expensive things.

As giving bills in an envelope is the most boring thing, we are going to make a card and a bit of 'origami' to create a beautiful butterly.

These will be the 'ingredients':
Giving money in a original way - ingredients

We need cardboard, color paper, a die cutter, a wire, adhesive tape, glue, a bow, and of course, the money.
We start folding the bill in its half and folding the squares to let both side making an arrow.
folding bills
We fold it letting the squares in the outer side.
folding bills

and fold it again like an accordion
folding bills
folding bills
We do the same with the other bill

bills for the butterfly

And now we may see how the butterfly will be

money butterfly

Now, we have to take a long piece of wire, fold it in the half, and use it to hold the bills between them and make the butterfly antennas.
bills butterfly

Now we will need a long piece of cardboard, we cut it in the long size a bit wider than the butterfly and we will use an edge to make some folds to the card to create something like an depth envelope without sides. 

bills butterfly

Now we have just to decorate the card using the die cutter and some color papers and sticking the shapes with glue.

die cutter

We write some greetings and wishes and put two pieces of adhesive tape making a roll to attach the butterfly

birthday card
money birthday card

We fold the card:

money birthday card

And tie it with a beatiful bow

birthday card

What do you think? It's easy and pretty, isn't it?

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