Tuesday, 17 May 2016

At last, we are virus free!

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Well, well, it seemed difficult to believe but finally seems that there are no virus at home, after a winter full of snots, coughs and to make it funnier the Chickenpox, it seems that finally, with the arrival of this hot spring that just made its appearance, we say goodbye to the virus (I think it is the first time in my life I'm glad with the arrival of the heat...) 

As I said, the chickenpox, OMG what awful weeks has given us, first Adrian, we went with him to the Emergencies and the doctor gave him an antiviral to reduce the spots, and well it passed without too much trouble, one night if he had 39º of fever, but the rest of illness days were fine, with appetite, lively with sporadic itching.  

Ah, my friend, but two weeks later it began Daniel, we did exactly the same, we took him to the Emergencies but in this case, the doctor who was attending was not in favor of antivirals and the poor, I don't know if because of not giving him an antiviral or because of being exposed to the virus for so long, he spent four days with fever, raging for itching and his skin like this:
Chickenpox kid

Chickenpox kid

Two days sleeping really bad, he woke up because of the itches and barely eating because everything bothered him. But anyway, at least, is a 'quick' disease and a week later, all spots are scabs

Chickenpox kid scabs

and now is him again.

A little more information about chickenpox:

Is a viral infection that causes blisters all over the body.
The chickenpox rash appears between 10 and 21 days after being infected.
It is contagious from two days before appearing rash and until all the blisters are crusted.
Children who have been vaccinated may also develop in a much milder way and also can transmit it.


Mainly patience, we just put them Talquistina to relieve itching and Cristalmina to help dry blisters, well, and antivirals in case your doctor want them to prescribe them...

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