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Homemade ham croquettes

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Well I think that if there is just a traditional recipe that everybody loves at home is the croquettes recipe. Today I'm going to share with you the ham croquettes recipe, but you may prepare the dough with almost anything you want, I use to prepare it with cod.

Homemade ham croquettes


 - 2 butter tablespoon
 - 3 flour tablespoon
 - milk
 - salt
 - serrano ham (or prosciutto) in small pieces (the amount depends on what you want I used a box of 100gr)
 - eggs (I needed 3)
 - bread crumbs

How to prepare croquettes:
First of all we should prepare a white sauce (bechamel), we put the butter in a large pan, we heat it until it melts, then we add the flour and we fry it in the butter, then we start adding the milk slowly and stiring the mix with a wire whip to make an uniform dough without lumps (this is the worst part because you have to put a bit of milk, stir it, then a bit more, and so until you have a consistent and  smooth bechamel)

Homemade ham croquettes bechamel
croquetas jamon caseras bechamel

Then we add salt and try it until it has a nice taste (be careful with the salt amount because now we have to add the ham)

Take the mix off the heat and add the ham (cut in small pieces) and stir the dough to spread the ham.

In case you made cod croquettes, you should cook the cod before adding it to the dough.

Homemade ham croquettes bechamel

Now we have to let it cool, for the rest of the recipe we are going to use the hands and we don't want to burn ourselves.

Is it already cold? Ok, so let's continue...

Now we beat two eggs (If you see that you will need more, you should add one more)

We take a portion of the dough with a teaspoon, we coat it in batter,

Homemade ham croquettes egg

when in the bread crumbs we give it a cylindrical shape:

Homemade ham croquettes bread

And we coat it in batter once again and let them prepared in a dish.

Homemade ham croquettes

Now, they are ready to fry in abundant oil or to preserve them in the fridge or in the freezer.

It's quite easy, isn't it?

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