Monday, 9 May 2016

How to be more productive in the mornings

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OMG we have had a horrible night at home, miniSuperBoy is having chickenpox and is awful, although the poor kid was quite sleepy, he woke up because of the burning, he fell asleep and a few minutes later he started moving until he woke up again, so this last night we have slept for 3 hours, more or less...

This morning I had two options, one was crawling in pajamas at home and probably be late to all places or the other one was to put into practice some tips I've been reading in many freelance productivity and lifestyle blogs. And hey, the morning hasn't been as bad as I thought.

1. Get dressed first.
I don't know about you, but
I usually get accommodated in my pajamas and I don't use to take it off until 10 minutes before leaving, but if are in a hurry is better to prepare us first, collect nightclothes and wear the clothes for the day gives you a feeling of having everything already half prepared.

2. Ventilate and make the bedThe feeling of fresh air and the bed made, makes us feelinkg like almost half  of the to do list is done in the morning, you know those things we leave for the last 10 minutes before leaving home, better to leave now done and you will see how it changes the perspective.

3. Eat breakfast and do some things in the kitchen.This is what I use to do the first, but today has gone in third place. As I start to heat the milk (in low heat to avoid a milk flood) I empty the dishwasher and even start to prepare the first course of the meal while I'm eating breakfast.

4. Follow with your stuff.From here we have removed from the list what we should do in any case and we are ready to continue our routine, get to work, read, check emails or start waking up the kids.


Today this change on my routine has been quite useful since miniSuperBoy following has also awakened quite early with what that means, is just impossible to try to do things when you have an ill baby who claims to be in arms all the time...

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