Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday recommendation

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Hi, people!

I've just discovered a page that for me has been a total eye-opener, Houzz. (Maybe most of you know it and here I am re-discovering the wheel...)

It's a wonder! Thousand of decoration ideas in any style and besides you may contract professionals (architects, decorators, designers...) if you need them.

Houzz - pagina web

It's a great page, you may register with your G+ or Facebook profile and customize the deco style that you want to see, and you may create albums to save the ideas you find there.

It's like a Pinterest but focused just in decoration.

Besides the spaces we may see furnitures and complements and who sells them (this is a great idea :D)

And also you may read a magazine with articles about decorating styles, tips, diy, etc.

Did you know this page?  I already have entertainment for this weekend :)

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