Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Learning to meditate

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It has always grabbed my attention the importance given to meditation in Eastern cultures and the truth is that I thought that it should be something complicated, just for a few, etc... that, joined with some people determined to sell anything that sound exotic as a New Age pseudoscience, only for the few ones who are willing to pay for it, I didn't investigate about it.

Learning to meditate

I don't know exactly where, but last week I read something about meditation, I think that it was in any blog about focus techniques, and I started to search information about it.

Sometimes the simplest things are completely unnoticed (perhaps also, thanks to those who insist on selling it as something impossible withour their help).

And well, here I am, I have discovered that more than once I have been meditating without knowing it. Often when I go to bed before falling asleep I try to relax concentrating on my breathing and stop thinking about everything I have in my head (this is something that the midwife suggested us to do during the childbirth preparation classes to help us to have a better rest), ladies and gentlemen, that is meditate!

It's said that meditation is good to learn to control our thoughts and to stay focused more easily. For now I'll try for a month to meditate every day for 15 minutes, within a month I'll tell you if anything has changed or if it's still the same ...

The steps are simple:

- Find a quiet place where nobody bother us.

- Prepare a timer or alarm for the time you want to meditate so you will not be thinking about the time.

- Wear comfortable clothes

- Put yourself in a comfortable position, it is not necessary to be in the lotus position, there are people that meditates lying or even standing. In my case, I have chosen a position that I read, sat on a thick cushion with crossed legs off the cushion with the body slightly lean forward, so the column is more relaxed and with the hands over knees.

- Concentrate on breathing deeply through your nose only, inhaling and exhaling.

- Every time we are aware that a thought comes into our mind  we should go back to focus on breathing.

So many years on my 'pending' list and I just had to breathe ... ahem ...

And that's all, we have done a basic meditation.

If you want to try a guided meditation, in Youtube you will find a lot of videos, I leave you here one that I have tried just this morning.

Do you meditate? Do you use any method to stay focus?

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