Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to make a key box

Traducción al español

This is one of the first crafts I made for home before I got married and it was somewhat by chance.
When we started to look for the first decorations for our then future flat (now, our current flat, yes, that one that I'm selling by now... Is there anyone there interested in buying a flat in Alcaniz? XD) I fell in love with a canvas to hide the electric box, I liked it so-so-so much that I didn't think about a small unimportant thing... its measures... ahem ... ...
And what happened? Well, when I went to hang the canvas, the electric box was like 5 cms. bigger than what I had bought (Total fail !!!)

So, as I didn't want to leave it unused, I had to think about recycling it somehow, and I decided to make a key box.

I should say that here in Spain we have a small electric box just about 30x40cms. so the canvas I used to do this craft is a picture with hinges holding it to a 3cms. deep frame.

The pity is that I have photographs of the process, of course, this was 10 years ago, but hey, the procedure is quite easy to explain :)

We just need:
- The canvas for an electric-box
- A table of marquetry
- Dye of the same color as the picture frame
- The amount of small hooks that will be needed (I used 12)
- Small-headed nails.

The first step is to measure the picture frame (the part that will be anchored to the wall), and we will buy a table of marquetry with those measures in a craft store.
We sand the table and dye it to have a color as close as possible to the frame and not stand out. My frame was wenge color, so I dyed the table with walnut color and was quite similar. 

Now, we divide the table into thirds and then do the divisions we want to do (the idea is to be equidistant), and now we mark and screw by hand the hooks.  
We put the table face down on the hollow part of the picture, we hold with the help of masking tape so it do not move and pound some small-headed nails (two on each side of the frame will be enough).
Et voilà, now we only have to screw it to the wall.

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