Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How I organize myself

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Last week I was talking with a friend about how do we organize ourselves to not forget anything, and the fact is that is impressive the amount of things that we need to have under control when we have kids at home, our schedule, their schedules, menus, school appointments, medical appointments, medications, eeeekkkk, I'm overwhelmed just thinking on it.

I used to organize myself with just an appointment book, a lot of people place notes in the fridge... I like a lot my fridge and I don't want to cover it with lots of notes.

Last year I started with my family planner, and it's ok, but I use to forget to check it...

So I finally bought an Ikea metallic board and there I've made a little noticeboard, there I have the weekly menu plan, a sheet to write the grocery list, the month calendar where I write down all the appointments we have and I also have some extra magnets to add things like the medical prescritptions so anyone at home may check how often and how much medicine needs anyone at home...

And you? How do you organize at home?

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