Thursday, 1 December 2016

Expenses management with excel docs

As most of you know, this last year I started using my family binder, and although is quite practical to have everything organized, I've realised that some parts don't work for me, specially the expenses management, since most banks don't use to send any kind of documents and we should connect to the online bank to see the movements, I never find 'the moment' to update it...

As I commented here, last year I made a excel doc to keep control of our food (and home related) expenses. This year I've done the same for the rest of expenses and incomes, so when I connect to see the expenses I open the excel doc and update it.

More specifically I'm using 4 docs, one for food and home related expenses, another for debit payments, another to have a control of my microstock balance and another for my extra incomes.

I have all those docs in my Dropbox and I installed the Excel app in my smartphone, so I may consult and update them anywhere :)

I suppose that all of you know how to use Excel but I'm going to show you how are organized my excel docs.

In each excel doc, I use a sheet per year, and inside the year I have a table how I think that works fine for me.

For supermarket expenses I have a table with the 12 months and I just write in each cell the ticket amount everytime I go to buy, then I have a sum in a lower cell (leaving enough space to enter all the visits of the month) that gives me the total of expenses in the month, and I also added a graphic to watch it in a more visual way.

For debit payments I have also the table with a column for the concept of the expenses and then a column for each month, then I have a row for each expense that I have and one more row for 'others' where I write those debit expenses that are just one in the year, and I use the option of 'Insert comment' to explain those expenses. And finally of course a sum for each column.

However, in the doc for my extra income that are totally esporadic I just have a table with three columns, one for the date, another for the concept and another one for the amount...

And you? Do you have any kind of accounting at home? Do you prefer the digital format or just paper and pen?

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