Wednesday, 14 December 2016

It's almost Christmas!

I admit it, I'm a very consumerist person, and Christmas is a time that I love, always liked me a lot, even when in my family were a bit bored about decorating and so on, but, now I'm compensating myself =D

At my family's home Christmas time is synonymous of eating a lot (maybe like in the rest of Spain) and a little bit of Christmas decorations, just the necessary to 'pass the exam', I think that since my sister and me grew up, no one put the Nativity scene and now the Christmas tree is a rubber plant with some red balls hanging (and this is absolutely true...)

But when I get married I said: Ah, no! in my home I want a proper Christmas decoration.

At home, the 1st of December all the decoration must be in their place (more since we have Clyde visiting us). So the 1st of December when the kids wake up the first thing they found in the living room is the advent calendar under the tree and Clyde hidden inside it:

elf on the shelf

The Nativity scene is a 'must' too, however by now is a bit minimalist:


This is one thing I have to improve, to put a bit of atrezzo to the nativity scene, you know, mountains, houses, the village in general, but by now we are waiting to our definitive home to buy more things.

Also each year, we take a photo of the kids to create a Christmas greeting card, by now I have each one inside a simple frame in the living room shelves and the idea is when they get older (and don't want more photos, ahem...) to create a big collage pasting all the frames :)

Otherwise, our Christmas is quite slow, with a lot of homemade butter cookies, a lot of games, christmas carols and a lot of hours cooking for the important suppers in Spain: Christmas eve dinner, Christmas lunch, New Year's Eve dinner and New Year's lunch (thankfully we celebrate 'Reyes', the 6th of January, at my sister's home) but I have to say that it is worth the effort and I enjoy it :)

Next year I want to incorporate the Advent celebration (the real, not just eating the advent calendar chocolates XD).

And you? How is your Christmas? Do you have any special tradition?

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