Thursday, 2 February 2017

2017 intentions

Yes, I know we already are in February, and that people use to do this in January, but this last January has been for reflection and discard.

To see where I am and where I want to be actually...

You know, I'm getting older (I'm going to turn 37 in September) and I'm aware that most of my intentions are the same one year and the next... definitely if I don't find 'the moment' it is because they are not the adequate intentions or they are badly considered.

So this year, my personal intentions or goals are reduced to just two, I want to create a new web about design, looking for a future where I could be entrepreneur (it would be nice, isn't it?) and to improve my photographs and dedicate them the time they deserve (just an example, I have a reflex, I'm not a beginner and I know how to edit photos, but finally I take the photos for the blog with my iPhone and don't edit them at all, just to put the title... I need to improve that)

By now, I've started with the Wordpress design and I've signed up in a photography course, well, in December we will see if these two intentions are more realistic than the other past years ;)

Now is perfect for me that printable I made a year ago...

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