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DIY - Making a cover for a changing table

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I have an inherited changing table and you know what happens with these things, as are wrapped in plastic, over time, the plastic breaks. I did not want to buy a new one, since its function is performed perfectly and when I saw the prices of covers in a childcare store, I decided to make it myself :)

Changing table cover

Let's start the job, first, our materials:
The changing table (obviously), towel cloth, a decorative fabric, and an elastic band.

Changing table cover materials

The first step will be to put the towel fabric over the changing table and cut it to cover the entire surface and sides, leaving 5 or 6 centimeters extra above and below to sew the pieces that will cover those sides and 10 centimeters extra hanging on both sides.

We will place the terrycloth centered on the changing table and prepare the decorative fabric that will be put on the oblique sides, in the case of my changing table, these sides measuring 14x80 cms, so I cut the decorative fabric into two strips of 18x90 cms, to make a fold of a couple of centimeters on each side of the fabric and hold it with pins to terrycloth making sure they are well placed and centered.

Changing table cover

Once we are sure it is properly placed, we sew it and we have the top of the changing table. This is beginning to take shape!

Changing table cover

Now we will sew up all the edges of the terrycloth so that it will not fray with every wash, I use this point of the sewing machine.

We center it and fold the top and bottom edges to fit the sides of the changing table.

Then we cut two rectangles four centimeters longer than the short sides of the changing table and 12 cm extra to lateral height, we will sew up the edges as we have done previously with the cover and place them on both sides adjusting to the shape of the changing table putting them below the top of the cover and subjecting them to the top with the help of pins, like this:

Changing table cover

Then carefully, we will remove the changing table and will go removing the pins while we are tacking fabrics where we will sew them later.

We put the cover over the changing table to make sure all is well placed and permanently sew it with the machine.

Changing table cover

Now we only have to make it adjustable, we will fold one and half centimeter with a basting across all the bottom of the cover.

and then we will make the final seam leaving a hole without sewing to pass the elastic band with the help of a must-needle

Funda cambiador

and when we have the needle side appearing again in the hole, we will put the cover over the changing table and adjust the measure of the band cutting and sewing it definitely without stretching it.

Et voilà, the cover is finished.
Changing table cover

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