Thursday, 4 June 2015

How to earn some extra money by answering online surveys

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Well, this will not make you rich and will not take you away from work, but hey, if you have leisure time wasted, it is always better than being looking at the ceiling, right?I'm going to say you pages from where I receive surveys, they are the links to home pages there are not referred any of them, I mean I'm not going to win anything in case you to register on those pages or not :).If you've never participated in this kind of pages, I'm going to explain you a little how they work, they send you emails with links to surveys (be careful with the spam folder), often they make you some control questions to see if you fit the profile they are looking for and, if so, continuous the survey with and a variable duration, when the survey is completed, they assign you the points of the survey and when you reach certain number of points they may be exchanged for discount vouchers, gifts or Paypal transfers.

Well, this is my list: 

MySurvey on this site you will be paid with coupon codes for several shops and also with Paypal transfers.

GlobalTestMarket pay as MySurvey

American Consumer Opinion they pay by check

Ipsos this page only send discount vouchers for various shops, however, you get points very fast.

I think these are the most important sites right now, if you know any other survey page please, feel free to comment  ;)

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