Friday, 7 August 2015

The feared first day of school

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This time last year was really nervous thinking that in a month my little boy was going to start the school, he did not go to the kindergarten (His grandparents taked care of him, the four of them are retired and have a lot of free time), so I thought how he was going to adapt, if he would listen the teacher, how he would react with other children... and how he would interact, because last year SuperBoy did not talk, nothing beyond dad, mom and water (in Spanish is a really simple word)... but that goes for another post... luckily toilet training was surpassed...

Occasionally we talked him about the school, that he would play with other children, that he would be a little bit in the morning and a bit more in the afternoon as with his grandparents, and sometimes he seemed enthused and others he said he did not want to go ...

Finally we get to the feared day, that day when you bring him to the classroom (during the adjustment period, they allowed us to take and pick them the classroom) and see that we are all equal, those who have gone to kindergarten and those who do not, each one reacts in his own way, some run into the classroom to play with the toys leaving their parents, others cling to the legs of their parents and organize the show of the century, and some as SuperBoy stayed with grief face looking from inside the classroom...

The teachers told us that the less we keep the goodbyes it would be better... and I should be agree with them, is better to talk about anything different from school until getting the door, then kiss, and let them. There are days that make it easy, others that it is difficult (once a teacher had to pull out him from me), but although we are thinking all day what he's doing at 10 seconds they are playing so happy forgetting that they did not want go, (and that is true, because one day I wait when he did not see me and he went directly to play with some wheels they have and so happy) and when finally they start adapting to the routine and to get in and out of the school happy, that ... that is priceless ... it may seem to you absurd but you have such a sense of accomplishment that you feel great. :)

And you? How was your adaptation to school?

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