Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Let's create art!

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Today, I'm going to give you an idea to enjoy with kids and also to decorate your home.

Art activity for kids

It's really easy to do (and prepare), this one has been painted by SuperBoy (4 years old), in some parts he has painted out but I don't look for perfection, do you? ;)

We need:

- 1 canvas (a cheaper one)
- Scotch tape
- Acrylic paints

First of all, we should prepare the canvas by pasting some scotch tape making the lines we want to stay white.

Art with kids - canvas

We put a bit of paint in the part we want to paint and now we let the kid to paint,

Art with kids- painting

if the kid is youngster, you should take a bit of care to avoid him/her to get out of the zones or to mix colours (anyway it may also get a good result)

Art with kids- paintingArt with kids- painting

We let dry the painting, take out the tape and 'voilà' a modern work of art, and the kid super-pleased with his/her painting :)

Art with kids- painting

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