Saturday, 28 November 2015

We already have a new Christmas tradition: the Elf on the Shelf

All of you that know me in person, know how I like to adopt new traditions and this one is great, so from now, it's going to be one or our family traditions.

This is my new Elf just arrived from the North Pole (a.k.a. Amazon)

He comes inside a box with a book telling the history (in English).

Well let's go with the important matter... what does the new tradition consist on?

The Elf arrives home at the start of each Advent (December 1st) to watch the kids and to prepare his/her report for Father Christmas.

If is the first day of the Elf in the house, we should put him/her a name, here you will find a list with name ideas that you may download and print.

Kids cannot touch the Elf or him/her will lose his/her magic.

The elf, if there's someone near will not move and will seem a doll, but when nobody watches him, he may move, change his position or even make some pranks, you only have to take a look on  Google Images to see how he enjoy

Each night the Elf travels to the North Pole to give his report to Santa.

The kids, each day will search him to see from where he will watch them that day or even try to catch him 'in fragranti'.

The last day of his stay (December 24th) the Elf may leave them an official report telling if they will be in the nice or the naughty list, here I leave you a pair of ideas of how could be designed the formats: (These are from, in her page you may pay and download them)

Well this is all about how much we want to work on it :)

Do you like it? Are you thinking in adopting any new tradition in your family? Do you already have any special tradition for Christmas?

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