Monday, 30 May 2016

Grey & White inspiration

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As you know, we are planning to buy a new house, and latetly it comes to my head the grey and white combination.

Is curious, because when we bought our current home I only could think in beige and dark brown or dark grey, but now I have change to cold and bright tones.

So, here I am wasting hours through Pinterest looking for inspiration and ideas. I share with you few of them:

This design of Home Designing is really nice, at least in the TV side, the rest seems improbable having kids at home XD

These are quite classic designs but I like them too. Seen at Arcadian-Home

I like a lot the idea of giving a bit of color to the room like Luxury Home Decorations but I'm afraid I'm not a red color fan...

I have some things decided, I want walls in soft grey, the sofa will come also in grey (not too pale) and the furniture probably in white, now I have to visualize how it would look the center table that I want, one made of hard wood and iron, like this from Gloss & Raffles.

And you? Do you have any favourite color combination?

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