Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Planning a birthday party

Traducción al Español

Next month is the birthday of my older boy that already turns 5.

The topic is clear, Paw Patrol. There's no doubt here, the past year the cake had to be mandatory blue, well this year the topic is not questionable.

So here I am looking for some inspiration through Google Images by now, I have find some amazing cakes:
From DePerla's

From Eva Cuinera

From Naty's Cake Shop

And I have found too a free printable for a Paw Patrol Party, created and shared by Postreadicción, (I'm sorry is a Spanish page) that you may download and use and is just beautiful, isn't it?

Other thing to think about is the fondant, this weekend I'm going to try with it because I haven't use it ever (in fact, I haven't taste it either)

But I have a sure thing, the figures are going to be toys, I don't dare to do them too...

Have you ever used Fondant? Is it easy or difficult?

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