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10 basic tips to photograph a house

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Before start selling my flat I spent some time looking over the property websites to have an idea about how was the market and how people made the ads, and the result was... discouraging...

Photographs of a corner as the only photo for a selling-house, others so dark that seem the Ali Baba cave, others blured or moved... seriously, that people really want to sell the house? (But my favourites are those who publish the houses in other cities bigger than where they really are, and those who don't publish the price, it must be to create suspense...)

Today I'm going to share with you some basic points to make photographs of a house to sell it or to rent it, not just to have it in Internet...

tips photograph house

1. The light

This is a basic principle in photography, the light is the most important thing always, but for photos that are taken in interiors more.

Raise all the blinds, try to use a tripod and avoid using the flash as much as you can. Try to take the photos when there's no direct light in the window to avoid backlighting, if you can't, you should play with artificial lighting, the exposition and white balance.

Avoid this kind of photo:

This way better, isn't it?

2. Use a wide angle

This is the advisable at least, I don't have a wide angle, so I used the lens with more angle I had (a 18-55mm) and I took the photos from the corners to include more.

3. Photograph angle

I don't know why, some people take photos from a very high position, when they are more natural taken from a medium height, mine are taken at 1.30 m from the floor (the tripod height)

4. Straight photos, please

OMG, there's nothing worse than being watching some house photos and that it seems that have been taken in a ship in the highs seas. Take as reference a wall or a table and try to make it be as straight as possible in the viewfinder, of course later it may be edited, but most times people don't edit it, do they?

Let's change the (somehow) technic part for the esthetic part...

5. Watch the decoration, the order and the amount of things that you have

It isn't hard to prepare a bit the room before photograph it and take apart from the scene the kids toys, personal photos, and of course the stacked clothes or the dishes in the kitchen sink... You don't have to organize all the house as if was the last day before having an important visit, but taking off the plane things that are out of place, yes, although, minutes later they reappear in the same place ;)

Also, think that as much things are in the image, more overwhelm and lack of space feeling will produce.

I don't know if the future buyer will be interested in my bag model for today.

Maybe if I show them the room, is a better idea:

Of course, better if you have your beds done and if you are taking photos of a house where you don't live, and you only have some beds without sheets, it would be better to take some quilts fo the photo...

6. Be careful with reflections :D

It seems logic but Internet is full of photos of ghost hands holding the smartphone in front of the bathroom mirror...

7. Take some photos from different angles

Take different photos from different views of the same room to choose later the best ones.

 8. It's a good idea to add a photo of the front of the building.

Sometimes, just for fun, I navigate through property websites and try to guess where is a flat located having the street name and the ages, if you put a facade photo it will be less fun but probably more effective when trying to sell or rent it.

9. Choose well the photograpy that will be the main photo in the ad.

I didn't know what photo to choose, so I finally made a collage with the four most important photos of my flat.

10. Think about what photos you want to show.

Have in mind that some websites only admit a few photos, so you have to do a selection, not just about the better taken photos but also the more representatives, every time I see an ad with just a bathroom photo and a bedroom, I start doubting if they sell a flat or a room with a use of bathroom right...

And what about the traditional photo of a empty room with blinds closed and textured walls? Just inspiring, isn't it?

Have you ever sell or rent a house through Internet? Do you have any tip more to share?

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