Thursday, 28 July 2016

Activities to teach English to a kid

Traducción al Español

Hi people!

Today I've been navigating looking for an answer to one of my great questions. What should I do? Should I teach English to  my kids at home or is better not to interfere in the learning rymth from the school?

There is a lot written about it, and there are two different opinions, some say that if you're not native speaker (or at least with a Certificate in Advanced English) you should not to try it, some others say that yes, you should help them to learn english anyway.

Well, so, looking for a bit more of information I've found the webpage LearningEnglish Kids from British Council. And it has been a kind of revelation, if you want too to teach or help your kids to improve English, I advice you to start learning How to start teaching kids English at home.

Of course, the webpage is just in English, and I suppose that although it doesn't matter if you don't have an official English title, you should have a bit language knowledge.

It's a useful web with advices in the 'Parents' sections and games and stories for kids, even they have some mobile and tablets apps (some of them with a cost, others just for Apple devices...)

I've installed by now the Playtime app, is simple and nice with different kind of activities.

and tales

Did you know that webpage? Do you use some other online resource to teach languages to your kids?
And the most important question, do you dare to teach your kids English or any other language?

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