Saturday, 27 August 2016

My moving binder

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Well, I'm loving a lot to prepare binders to organize myself.

As we get close to the moving date (maybe, and with some luck, we will sell our flat next month and then we will have to run to take all our things out of it before sign the sell), I see that we have a lot of things related anyway with the moving and the new house and it will be interesting to save them written so I will not forget anyone, so I'm preparing a binder to have all of them together.

moving binder

Some months ago I showed to you an inventory to control all the things we move, in which box we have everything and what will be its future place.

Well, I have modified a bit the documents, now I have a:

- Locations list, the idea is to give a number or a color to every room, later we will write it in each box (or put a sticker with the color) to make easier to organize them in the new location.

moving binder

- Boxes list, this one already was before but I have added a new column. Here we will write the box number, what kind of objects has (grosso modo),  the number of room where it will go and the new column will help us to verify its arriving to the new home (just a checking column)

- Inventory, to specify the content in each box, so if we need anything it will be easier to find.

- Labels, now in addition to the box number and content, I have added a space to write the room number or to put a sticker with the color of the room where it will be located in the new home.

I have done for it a basic cover in black and white.

And some sections Moving, Budgets, Invoices, Contacts, Lists and Contracts. In my binder I have put them in plastic cases with DinA4 size and I have put them post-it adhesive bookmarks.

carpeta mudanza

In the Moving section, I have the locations, box lists and inventory.

Budgets, Invoices and Contracts are just to organize the documents related with the new home.

For Contacts I have prepare too a document to write the contact list related with the sell, the new house and all that we contract.

In List, will be some lists that I have created with things to do, things to buy, supply contracts that we should cancel or change, who to inform the new address...

moving binder

And finally I have prepare a white calendar to fill with dates after the day we sign the sell of the flat.

May you think anything more I've forgotten?

PS. The documents I share are in Word format and with an Arial font, so you may change them and adequate them to your own needs and your style.

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