Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Printable: School timetable

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OMG, time flies, we have already spent the first half of August and the Back to School is really near (here in Aragon, we start at September,  8th)

This year I'm afraid that I will have a bit of mess, I don't know, you may call me pessimist but, I have the feeling that we will finally sell our flat and will have to move in a hurry just during the Back to School time...

I, just in case, go ahead with some work and have started preparing a printable for the class timetable.

There, you have two pages, the first one is the timetable for the kids with their boxes for hours, subjects and after-school activities, the second page is for you, to have a copy of the timetable (I have one in the kitchen) and to may do a planning of school meals and write down if they have to take something to school, you know something like: the kid cannot forget to take that project or that material...

At first I thought in doing one copy each week, then I though in laminate the timetable (the one for the adults), but finally, as you may see in the photo, I'm going to use small post-its for the meals and things to take, so it will be more flasy and it's a lot more ecologic than printing a page per week...

Here you may download the .pdf file with both timetables.


  1. Thanks for the printables! Very useful!

  2. @Randi Thanks for your visit. I'm really glad to read that is useful :)