Thursday, 28 August 2014

I should do something with my tip

Traducción al Español

or what is the same with my part of the home study, so orderly that is part of my husband, you drop the heart sink when you get to my area. :(


I have to consider whether I have a hoarding syndrome or something like that, because I think that no more things can fit on it... Definitely, I have to do some cleaning ...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Anecdotes of SuperBoy

Traducción al castellano

Today I'm gonna tell you the last anecdote of SuperBoy, so far, the only reference he made to my pregnancy was pointing my baby bump and say 'tato' (which is the familiar way of saying brother here in Spain), he has now advanced to want to interact with him.

For three days, occasionally takes my shirt up and tells my belly 'Come, tato, come' and takes me all over the flat teaching to my belly what will be his room, the room where he sleeps and all his toys, he has even introduced him to Jacinta (which is a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner we have, and yes, it has a name) XD

Tell me, is not that cute? ^ _ ^