Friday, 23 December 2016

Another year is coming to its end

and once again that awful feeling of standstill... 

Does it not happen to you that suddenly it seems that you are halted? Right now, I have a 'To do' list but I do not want to do it, it's not procrastination, it's rather boring... I have my goals set, I know what I should do to progress but I have no desire to put myself into it, I do not know if it is because of those three weeks in a row of fog and mist and this last one cloudy has ended my optimism or if I lack some vitamin, but these last weeks I am out.

Any advice to get motivated? I would appreciate it, a lot...

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

It's almost Christmas!

I admit it, I'm a very consumerist person, and Christmas is a time that I love, always liked me a lot, even when in my family were a bit bored about decorating and so on, but, now I'm compensating myself =D

At my family's home Christmas time is synonymous of eating a lot (maybe like in the rest of Spain) and a little bit of Christmas decorations, just the necessary to 'pass the exam', I think that since my sister and me grew up, no one put the Nativity scene and now the Christmas tree is a rubber plant with some red balls hanging (and this is absolutely true...)

But when I get married I said: Ah, no! in my home I want a proper Christmas decoration.

At home, the 1st of December all the decoration must be in their place (more since we have Clyde visiting us). So the 1st of December when the kids wake up the first thing they found in the living room is the advent calendar under the tree and Clyde hidden inside it:

elf on the shelf

The Nativity scene is a 'must' too, however by now is a bit minimalist:


This is one thing I have to improve, to put a bit of atrezzo to the nativity scene, you know, mountains, houses, the village in general, but by now we are waiting to our definitive home to buy more things.

Also each year, we take a photo of the kids to create a Christmas greeting card, by now I have each one inside a simple frame in the living room shelves and the idea is when they get older (and don't want more photos, ahem...) to create a big collage pasting all the frames :)

Otherwise, our Christmas is quite slow, with a lot of homemade butter cookies, a lot of games, christmas carols and a lot of hours cooking for the important suppers in Spain: Christmas eve dinner, Christmas lunch, New Year's Eve dinner and New Year's lunch (thankfully we celebrate 'Reyes', the 6th of January, at my sister's home) but I have to say that it is worth the effort and I enjoy it :)

Next year I want to incorporate the Advent celebration (the real, not just eating the advent calendar chocolates XD).

And you? How is your Christmas? Do you have any special tradition?

Friday, 9 December 2016

Butter cookies

I published this recipe three years ago in my cooking blog (sorry, is only in Spanish) and, although I've tried some other recipes, none of them is as good as this one, they aren't as good as the danish butter cookies but are quite near.

butter cookies


 - 225 gr. of butter
 - 200 gr. of white sugar
 - 1 egg
 - 375 gr. of flour
 - 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
 - 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
 - Half teaspoon of salt


First of all, we should put the butter out of the fridge for almost an hour, then we would start creaming it with the help of the kitchen aid or a rod, then we add the sugar and keep creaming until having a homogeneus dough.

Then we add the egg, the vanilla essence, the salt and the lemon and keep creaming until it gets homogeneus again, then we add the flour and mix with the mixer or an spoon until all gets integrated, if is difficult for you to keep kneading we should start doing it with the hands until getting a compact and uniform dough.

Then we wrap it in a film and put it in the fridge at least for an hour.

Preheat the oven at 190-200ºC.

Then we will extend the dough over the counter top and cut it with the cookies cutters (you should do it quickly because the butter warms easily and makes dificult to keep the shapes) we put it in the oven tray over a baking paper.

Then we put the cookies in the oven, 180ºC just for 10 minutes.

We let them cool in a rack. Et voilà.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Expenses management with excel docs

As most of you know, this last year I started using my family binder, and although is quite practical to have everything organized, I've realised that some parts don't work for me, specially the expenses management, since most banks don't use to send any kind of documents and we should connect to the online bank to see the movements, I never find 'the moment' to update it...

As I commented here, last year I made a excel doc to keep control of our food (and home related) expenses. This year I've done the same for the rest of expenses and incomes, so when I connect to see the expenses I open the excel doc and update it.

More specifically I'm using 4 docs, one for food and home related expenses, another for debit payments, another to have a control of my microstock balance and another for my extra incomes.

I have all those docs in my Dropbox and I installed the Excel app in my smartphone, so I may consult and update them anywhere :)

I suppose that all of you know how to use Excel but I'm going to show you how are organized my excel docs.

In each excel doc, I use a sheet per year, and inside the year I have a table how I think that works fine for me.

For supermarket expenses I have a table with the 12 months and I just write in each cell the ticket amount everytime I go to buy, then I have a sum in a lower cell (leaving enough space to enter all the visits of the month) that gives me the total of expenses in the month, and I also added a graphic to watch it in a more visual way.

For debit payments I have also the table with a column for the concept of the expenses and then a column for each month, then I have a row for each expense that I have and one more row for 'others' where I write those debit expenses that are just one in the year, and I use the option of 'Insert comment' to explain those expenses. And finally of course a sum for each column.

However, in the doc for my extra income that are totally esporadic I just have a table with three columns, one for the date, another for the concept and another one for the amount...

And you? Do you have any kind of accounting at home? Do you prefer the digital format or just paper and pen?

Friday, 25 November 2016

How to make a paper star

I don't know how's in your house, but this weekend it starts oficially the Christmas decorartion Op. at home, on thursday Clyde will come and all should be ready for his visit =)

So I have started preparing some crafts to decorate.

paper star christmas

You just need 8 squared sheets, scotch tape and a stapler.

We start folding the sheets separetly by its half to make a triangle, and that triangle will be folded again by its half:

paper star christmas

After that with the scissors we will make four cuts in the part of the last fold to the part that is divided:

paper star christmas

Now we unfold and this is the result:

paper star christmas

Now we start bending the cut layers helping us with our finger to make a cylinder and we stick it with a bit of scotch tape:

paper star christmas

The next cylinder will be bent on the other direction:

paper star christmas

And we do the same with all the layers

paper star christmas

When we bend the last one will look this way:

paper star christmas

We do that with the eight sheets, when they're wrapped, we take four, we put all of them in the same direction and staple them:

paper star christmas

And the same with the other four:

paper star christmas

Now we only have to staple both halves:

paper star christmas

What do you say? It's cool, isn't it?

Thursday, 10 November 2016

2017 Calendar

OMG, we have just started November!! but... how does it happened? I feel like if yesterday we had our summer vacations!

It's a fact, I'm getting older, each year passes with more and more speed, uff, it makes me dizzy... and as we have started already to have some important dates for the next year, I have started to prepare my new calendar (that calendar that I have in my kitchen board) and I want to share it with you, in case you could be interested in using it.

2017 calendar

Here you have my 2017 calendar. It's really simple and clear, this year I've made it in landscape format, after probing last year in vertical format, it seems to me more practical when writing dates.

Traducción al español

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How I organize myself

Traducción al Español

Last week I was talking with a friend about how do we organize ourselves to not forget anything, and the fact is that is impressive the amount of things that we need to have under control when we have kids at home, our schedule, their schedules, menus, school appointments, medical appointments, medications, eeeekkkk, I'm overwhelmed just thinking on it.

I used to organize myself with just an appointment book, a lot of people place notes in the fridge... I like a lot my fridge and I don't want to cover it with lots of notes.

Last year I started with my family planner, and it's ok, but I use to forget to check it...

So I finally bought an Ikea metallic board and there I've made a little noticeboard, there I have the weekly menu plan, a sheet to write the grocery list, the month calendar where I write down all the appointments we have and I also have some extra magnets to add things like the medical prescritptions so anyone at home may check how often and how much medicine needs anyone at home...

And you? How do you organize at home?

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Starting with the KonMari Method - First day, my closet

Traducción al español

Well, as I told you few days ago, last sunday I started with the Marie Kondo organization method.

First step: Organizing clothes

The first thing to do is to take everything out from the closet (even if you know for sure what is where and you are sure that you will not throw it away) and put it over the floor or the bed, so we may see the volume of clothes we have, and from this point to chose what to keep according to the principle of, does this cloth spark joy on you?

Ok, it's a bit abstract concept, you may love your clothes but to say that a pair of trousers will make you happy is a bit... strange, another option (maybe more accurated) is to ask yourself, if you see that clothes right now in a shop, would you buy them again?

I'm going to tell you what I did, during the week before I spent some time looking for some looks that I like in Pinterest, something according to my style, I created a board and started saving some ideas.

I started my 'clothing cleaning operation' in the Sunday morning, the idea is to take absolutely all the clothes out of the closet, ALL, from every closet or chest of drawers where you have clothes in, even that clothes that are in boxes because is for other season.

This is how my bed looked at that moment:

Once with the closet open as if it was an empty canvas, I started chosing clothes from one to one and thinking if they adjusted to my style.

Then I started discarding clothes that didn't go to my style and in most cases clothes that were a bit old and a bit ruined... (I don't know why I kept them in my closet...)

Then, I started putting the clothes I decided to keep carefully in the closet, first in hangers ordered according to their size (in the left side the longer pieces and in the right the shortest), it makes it look clearer and helps me organize better the closet bottom (which is where I have my boots, bags and my sewing basket).

I tried (and I have achieved) to hang just a piece of clothing in each hanger, when I take out all my clothes from the hangers I discovered things that I hadn't seen for years XD.

After that I put in the closet the folded clothes in three stacks, one for sweaters, other for t-shirts and tank tops and another one for big pullovers.

I should say that I have kept 4 things that doesn't make me happy or unhappy and don't work with my style but they are some wardrobe essentials, you know:

- a nude trench coat
- a black suit
- a green cocktail dress
- a little black dress.

Five garbage bags after... this is how my closet looks now:

Now it's a lot more organized, there's no photo from 'the before', sorry, but to make you an idea the stacks of clothing where touching the upper shelf and, although the number of hangers I have kept is the same at least each one of them have 4 pieces of clothes on it, and you couldn't see the closet bottom...

Do you want to make a deep closet cleaning? Have you ever tried it?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Marie Kondo's Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up

Traducción al Español

Yeeeees, finally I couldn't resist more, I have been thinking about it for months, I had read so much in webs and blogs that I didn't decide, but now it's mine =)

The Life-Changing Magic of Tiding Up from Marie Kondo or KonMari Method, for those distracted, is a bestseller about home organization, is quite simple and I think that there is its charm and success.

Actually it doesn't explains anything new, we have (most of us) an important hoarding problem with clothes, books and random things that makes our homes look messy.

Something new is the way it's suggested, the first pages of the book remember me to books about Attraction Law and Emotional Coaching, but is a nice book to read and, well, maybe it will not makes your life perfect in a Magic way but for sure it will make you think about some things.

One of the most important things is the way of purge and organize, it isn't made room by room, but by cathegories first clothes, then books and finally other objects.

By now I have read half book and I haven't started to purge, but I think I will start soon, I will keep you on track =)

Have you tried it? What do you think about this method?

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Shared rooms, yes or not?

Arrrgggghhhh! I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do... I can't decide... I don't know what to do with the future kids bedrooms!!!

Well, for those who don't know me a lot, you will see that I use to be a bit dramatic for aparently trivial things... with serious matters I'm better, I promise...

Let me explain, in the flat where we live right now each kid has his own bedroom (both with trundle beds), the first idea was to take all the furniture with us to the new house, so I didn't thought about it, but one of the persons who ask for the flat wanted it with furniture (finally that person will not buy my flat but I keep thinking about it anyway...)

As he wanted it with furniture, my hubbie and me thought that as the baby keeps sleeping in the crib, we could buy just a bedroom and both kids could sleep in the same bedroom for a while, so it would be a expense less...

It seems that my older kid heared part of the talk and said he wanted to sleep with his brother...

...And to make it better they're fan of Peppa Pig and her wonderful bunk bed...

So when I was just thinking in furnishing just a bedroom and let the other one as play room... finally, maybe, who knows... maybe we take both bedrooms with us...

And here I am thinking, if I take with me both bedrooms... will they sleep anyway in the same room in the trundle bed? or better each one in his own bedroom? or better we pray for someone who want to buy the flat with furniture and so I will buy a bunk bed?

I, just in case, am looking for some ideas in Pinterest...


This one will not fit, but it's really cool :)

And your kids? Do they share bedroom? 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

My moving binder

Traducción a Español

Well, I'm loving a lot to prepare binders to organize myself.

As we get close to the moving date (maybe, and with some luck, we will sell our flat next month and then we will have to run to take all our things out of it before sign the sell), I see that we have a lot of things related anyway with the moving and the new house and it will be interesting to save them written so I will not forget anyone, so I'm preparing a binder to have all of them together.

moving binder

Some months ago I showed to you an inventory to control all the things we move, in which box we have everything and what will be its future place.

Well, I have modified a bit the documents, now I have a:

- Locations list, the idea is to give a number or a color to every room, later we will write it in each box (or put a sticker with the color) to make easier to organize them in the new location.

moving binder

- Boxes list, this one already was before but I have added a new column. Here we will write the box number, what kind of objects has (grosso modo),  the number of room where it will go and the new column will help us to verify its arriving to the new home (just a checking column)

- Inventory, to specify the content in each box, so if we need anything it will be easier to find.

- Labels, now in addition to the box number and content, I have added a space to write the room number or to put a sticker with the color of the room where it will be located in the new home.

I have done for it a basic cover in black and white.

And some sections Moving, Budgets, Invoices, Contacts, Lists and Contracts. In my binder I have put them in plastic cases with DinA4 size and I have put them post-it adhesive bookmarks.

carpeta mudanza

In the Moving section, I have the locations, box lists and inventory.

Budgets, Invoices and Contracts are just to organize the documents related with the new home.

For Contacts I have prepare too a document to write the contact list related with the sell, the new house and all that we contract.

In List, will be some lists that I have created with things to do, things to buy, supply contracts that we should cancel or change, who to inform the new address...

moving binder

And finally I have prepare a white calendar to fill with dates after the day we sign the sell of the flat.

May you think anything more I've forgotten?

PS. The documents I share are in Word format and with an Arial font, so you may change them and adequate them to your own needs and your style.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

About the Maternity leaves

Today I was not going to write about this topic, but I have heard today in the news  and I have been astounded...  

In the US, in most cases there's no maternity leave! 

The story begins with two women who suffered the sad coincidence that both of them lost their babies after leaving them in nurseries...

The article linked on top (from Spanish press) says both of them left their babies of just 2 weeks old in the nursery, but after reading the new in USA Today and an article in the NY Times I have found that one of them leave the baby being 3 months old, but they say that some women have to leave them being as young as 2 weeks old to return to their jobs.

Anyway... two weeks old babies! Really?

Let's leave aside the fact that accidents happen and if babies had had 16 weeks (which is the duration of maternity leave we have here in Spain) could have been the same. Also we will forget the issue of: what about breastfeeding? Lately we have seen many scandals most from the USA started by idiots that feel uncomfortable with someone who was breast-feeding a baby in public... but ... what about the postpartum period?  

I find it totally absurd that a country from the called 'First World', guardian of freedom and so pride of traditional family values ​​may not be able to create a law to protect newborns and their mothers. Today they have a negative point.

El País (a Spanish newspaper) published last year: 
United States is the only OECD nation that does not require companies to provide paid maternity leave. The legislation ensures that only companies with more than 50 workers must ensure as employees for 12 weeks after having a child, but are not required to maintain the salary. The duration is also the shortest among the top 41 economies in the world.
The International Labour Organization states that countries should recognize a minimum of 14 weeks of maternity leave, mothers receive at least two thirds of their salary during this period and that compensation is covered by public services. The US is the only developed country that does not meet any of these requirements. According to the Labor Department, only 13% of mothers American workers reported some form of paid leave in 2014.
What do you think? I cannot say, it seemed to me that we had short maternity leaves in Spain with 16 weeks and we should have the option to extend down to the 6 months recommended by WHO for exclusively breastfeeding although it was losing a part of the salary... Now I don't know if I may complain or not...

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Printable: School timetable

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OMG, time flies, we have already spent the first half of August and the Back to School is really near (here in Aragon, we start at September,  8th)

This year I'm afraid that I will have a bit of mess, I don't know, you may call me pessimist but, I have the feeling that we will finally sell our flat and will have to move in a hurry just during the Back to School time...

I, just in case, go ahead with some work and have started preparing a printable for the class timetable.

There, you have two pages, the first one is the timetable for the kids with their boxes for hours, subjects and after-school activities, the second page is for you, to have a copy of the timetable (I have one in the kitchen) and to may do a planning of school meals and write down if they have to take something to school, you know something like: the kid cannot forget to take that project or that material...

At first I thought in doing one copy each week, then I though in laminate the timetable (the one for the adults), but finally, as you may see in the photo, I'm going to use small post-its for the meals and things to take, so it will be more flasy and it's a lot more ecologic than printing a page per week...

Here you may download the .pdf file with both timetables.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday recommendation - Hello Wonderful

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Finally is Friday! And here in Spain, we have a long weekend (Monday is Holiday)

Today I'm going to share with you a webpage to entertain yourself and keep entertained also to the kids, the web of Hello Wonderful

It's full of ideas for crafts, recipes and resources for kids, that is great for these summer evenings, isn't it?

Have a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to make a key box

Traducción al español

This is one of the first crafts I made for home before I got married and it was somewhat by chance.
When we started to look for the first decorations for our then future flat (now, our current flat, yes, that one that I'm selling by now... Is there anyone there interested in buying a flat in Alcaniz? XD) I fell in love with a canvas to hide the electric box, I liked it so-so-so much that I didn't think about a small unimportant thing... its measures... ahem ... ...
And what happened? Well, when I went to hang the canvas, the electric box was like 5 cms. bigger than what I had bought (Total fail !!!)

So, as I didn't want to leave it unused, I had to think about recycling it somehow, and I decided to make a key box.

I should say that here in Spain we have a small electric box just about 30x40cms. so the canvas I used to do this craft is a picture with hinges holding it to a 3cms. deep frame.

The pity is that I have photographs of the process, of course, this was 10 years ago, but hey, the procedure is quite easy to explain :)

We just need:
- The canvas for an electric-box
- A table of marquetry
- Dye of the same color as the picture frame
- The amount of small hooks that will be needed (I used 12)
- Small-headed nails.

The first step is to measure the picture frame (the part that will be anchored to the wall), and we will buy a table of marquetry with those measures in a craft store.
We sand the table and dye it to have a color as close as possible to the frame and not stand out. My frame was wenge color, so I dyed the table with walnut color and was quite similar. 

Now, we divide the table into thirds and then do the divisions we want to do (the idea is to be equidistant), and now we mark and screw by hand the hooks.  
We put the table face down on the hollow part of the picture, we hold with the help of masking tape so it do not move and pound some small-headed nails (two on each side of the frame will be enough).
Et voilà, now we only have to screw it to the wall.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Home is...

...wherever my family is.

It's a great phrase, isn't it? So I have decided to print it in a paper, and now I have to buy a nice frame, so I'll already have one decoration for my future new house :)

Here you have the pdf file to download the printable (withouth watermarks).

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Activities to teach English to a kid

Traducción al Español

Hi people!

Today I've been navigating looking for an answer to one of my great questions. What should I do? Should I teach English to  my kids at home or is better not to interfere in the learning rymth from the school?

There is a lot written about it, and there are two different opinions, some say that if you're not native speaker (or at least with a Certificate in Advanced English) you should not to try it, some others say that yes, you should help them to learn english anyway.

Well, so, looking for a bit more of information I've found the webpage LearningEnglish Kids from British Council. And it has been a kind of revelation, if you want too to teach or help your kids to improve English, I advice you to start learning How to start teaching kids English at home.

Of course, the webpage is just in English, and I suppose that although it doesn't matter if you don't have an official English title, you should have a bit language knowledge.

It's a useful web with advices in the 'Parents' sections and games and stories for kids, even they have some mobile and tablets apps (some of them with a cost, others just for Apple devices...)

I've installed by now the Playtime app, is simple and nice with different kind of activities.

and tales

Did you know that webpage? Do you use some other online resource to teach languages to your kids?
And the most important question, do you dare to teach your kids English or any other language?

Thursday, 14 July 2016

10 basic tips to photograph a house

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Before start selling my flat I spent some time looking over the property websites to have an idea about how was the market and how people made the ads, and the result was... discouraging...

Photographs of a corner as the only photo for a selling-house, others so dark that seem the Ali Baba cave, others blured or moved... seriously, that people really want to sell the house? (But my favourites are those who publish the houses in other cities bigger than where they really are, and those who don't publish the price, it must be to create suspense...)

Today I'm going to share with you some basic points to make photographs of a house to sell it or to rent it, not just to have it in Internet...

tips photograph house

1. The light

This is a basic principle in photography, the light is the most important thing always, but for photos that are taken in interiors more.

Raise all the blinds, try to use a tripod and avoid using the flash as much as you can. Try to take the photos when there's no direct light in the window to avoid backlighting, if you can't, you should play with artificial lighting, the exposition and white balance.

Avoid this kind of photo:

This way better, isn't it?

2. Use a wide angle

This is the advisable at least, I don't have a wide angle, so I used the lens with more angle I had (a 18-55mm) and I took the photos from the corners to include more.

3. Photograph angle

I don't know why, some people take photos from a very high position, when they are more natural taken from a medium height, mine are taken at 1.30 m from the floor (the tripod height)

4. Straight photos, please

OMG, there's nothing worse than being watching some house photos and that it seems that have been taken in a ship in the highs seas. Take as reference a wall or a table and try to make it be as straight as possible in the viewfinder, of course later it may be edited, but most times people don't edit it, do they?

Let's change the (somehow) technic part for the esthetic part...

5. Watch the decoration, the order and the amount of things that you have

It isn't hard to prepare a bit the room before photograph it and take apart from the scene the kids toys, personal photos, and of course the stacked clothes or the dishes in the kitchen sink... You don't have to organize all the house as if was the last day before having an important visit, but taking off the plane things that are out of place, yes, although, minutes later they reappear in the same place ;)

Also, think that as much things are in the image, more overwhelm and lack of space feeling will produce.

I don't know if the future buyer will be interested in my bag model for today.

Maybe if I show them the room, is a better idea:

Of course, better if you have your beds done and if you are taking photos of a house where you don't live, and you only have some beds without sheets, it would be better to take some quilts fo the photo...

6. Be careful with reflections :D

It seems logic but Internet is full of photos of ghost hands holding the smartphone in front of the bathroom mirror...

7. Take some photos from different angles

Take different photos from different views of the same room to choose later the best ones.

 8. It's a good idea to add a photo of the front of the building.

Sometimes, just for fun, I navigate through property websites and try to guess where is a flat located having the street name and the ages, if you put a facade photo it will be less fun but probably more effective when trying to sell or rent it.

9. Choose well the photograpy that will be the main photo in the ad.

I didn't know what photo to choose, so I finally made a collage with the four most important photos of my flat.

10. Think about what photos you want to show.

Have in mind that some websites only admit a few photos, so you have to do a selection, not just about the better taken photos but also the more representatives, every time I see an ad with just a bathroom photo and a bedroom, I start doubting if they sell a flat or a room with a use of bathroom right...

And what about the traditional photo of a empty room with blinds closed and textured walls? Just inspiring, isn't it?

Have you ever sell or rent a house through Internet? Do you have any tip more to share?

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

I need to focus urgently...

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This is a shame, I had reached a rhythm to balance family/job/photograhpy/and other things, and since I have started reading about focus, productivity, etc, I have realized that I'm wasting time and I'm not productive anymore...

In the last month I haven't take any photo for Microstock (and I haven't edited the old pending either).

I have the webpage for the workshop where I work designed in Wordpress just waiting for some details to may upload it, it's waiting for those details since first of June...

The crochet blanket I'm creating for Daniel, maybe better not comment about it, I think it is waiting since January...

Thanks to Lord that Family may not be put on hold, in other case...

I don't know if it's because of the summer, if it's because I try to do too much things or I just need to cut with so much distractions in my life...

Do you have a lower productivity level in summer too or is just me?

Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday recommendation

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Hi, people!

I've just discovered a page that for me has been a total eye-opener, Houzz. (Maybe most of you know it and here I am re-discovering the wheel...)

It's a wonder! Thousand of decoration ideas in any style and besides you may contract professionals (architects, decorators, designers...) if you need them.

Houzz - pagina web

It's a great page, you may register with your G+ or Facebook profile and customize the deco style that you want to see, and you may create albums to save the ideas you find there.

It's like a Pinterest but focused just in decoration.

Besides the spaces we may see furnitures and complements and who sells them (this is a great idea :D)

And also you may read a magazine with articles about decorating styles, tips, diy, etc.

Did you know this page?  I already have entertainment for this weekend :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Planning a birthday party

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Next month is the birthday of my older boy that already turns 5.

The topic is clear, Paw Patrol. There's no doubt here, the past year the cake had to be mandatory blue, well this year the topic is not questionable.

So here I am looking for some inspiration through Google Images by now, I have find some amazing cakes:
From DePerla's

From Eva Cuinera

From Naty's Cake Shop

And I have found too a free printable for a Paw Patrol Party, created and shared by Postreadicción, (I'm sorry is a Spanish page) that you may download and use and is just beautiful, isn't it?

Other thing to think about is the fondant, this weekend I'm going to try with it because I haven't use it ever (in fact, I haven't taste it either)

But I have a sure thing, the figures are going to be toys, I don't dare to do them too...

Have you ever used Fondant? Is it easy or difficult?