Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Let's start organizing... 2016 Calendar

Traducción al Español.

Tomorrow we'll start the last trimester of the year and we start having plans and dates for 2016 (mainly for the kid school). So I have done what will serve as data planning for the next year in my Family Binder.

2016 Calendar

Here I share it with you in pdf format, ready to print and write your appointments. I hope you like it =)

NOTE: It's in the European format (I mean, first day of the week is Monday not Sunday), if someone wants Sunday as first day in the week I may change it, just comment here and I will share the other format too ;)

Friday, 18 September 2015

Sausages Paella recipe

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Well, now it seems that finally the summer has ended and we are back in the routine...

Today I'm going to share with you a recipe that remind us the summer but as it's a hot recipe it may be useful also for winter, is a quick version of a Paella that here we use to cook when we go to lunch to the countryside houses, in this case with sausages that make it more appealing for kids.

Sausages paella

Ingredients (4 persons):

- 320 gr. rice
- 1 lt. chicken soup
- powder sweet and spicy peppers
- sausages


We will start covering the bottom of a wide pot with olive oil,  then we will cut in pieces the sausages and fry them, when they are already fried, we will add the rice and fry it a bit in the oil.
We will add the sweet pepper and a bit of the spicy one and we will stir the mix.
Next, we will add the soup and make it boil, then we should maintain it boiling until the rice has consummed all the soup, stiring from time to time.
When the rice has consummed all the soup, we will taste it and if the rice is a bit hard we will have to add a bit more soup**
And that's all, enjoy your meal!

** I recommend you to try to do this meal having a bit more of soup than it's necessary, the rice is different depending on the kind and it may need more liquids to be done.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Those teeth that don't want to raise

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I don't know how your kids wear the issue of dentition, we have been thinking that MiniSuperBoy would have his teeth out from his 3 months but not...

Until 8 months nothing at all, and now he has 10 months, he still only has the two lower incisors...

Teething it's not an exact science, some kids raise them unnoticed, others raging a lot, some other like SuperBoy have fever (just some tenths of degree) whenever he was going to raise a tooth (although his doctor said that it couldn't be for that reason, he had not more symptoms than the fever for a day and then it appeared a tooth, ok, draw your own conclusions...)

And well, you know every child goes at his/her pace, some raise them quickly (there are cases of children born with teeth) and for somes it takes a lot, although statistics say that the first tooth use to raise between 6 and 8 months.I've found and share with you a
teething table from Babysitio

OMG, I see that the pending number of teeths is increasing, the poor MiniSuperBoy has all the upper gum inflamed, but the teeth don't raise, we should be patient...