Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!! and welcome to my new life

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Well, this is a total shamelessly, almost two months without posting anything, two months! It's true that during this time I have not stopped, you know that people always say that you do not increase the second child in the family in one but in two? Well it is not so exaggerated but almost.

I remember my first maternity permit was a matter of getting up when I wanted, to go for a walk if I wanted, in total relax plan, now, it cannot be more different ...

I get up at 7:30 am to clean a bit my home, at 8.15 am I wake up SuperBoy, had breakfast and change clothes, if at 8.45 am MiniSuperBoy has not awaked, I go for him to change the diapers and breastfeed, meanwhile SuperBoy entertains himself playing, at 9.20 am we left home and pray to find somewhere to park near the school, at 9.45 am SuperBoy enters school and MiniSuperBoy and me sometimes go for a walk and others we go home to try to clean it and prepare the lunch until 12:30 pm because at 1 pm we should be in front of the school to pick up SuperBoy, we go back home and eat and at 2.40 pm once again time for school, just SuperBoy and me because MiniSuperBoy stays home with her dad, and I return to home until 4.30 pm when we have to go back to school again, bufff, what stress, all while MiniSuperNene starts to look me bad every time I put him and take him out of the car ...

Luckily at night he sleeps like an angel ... at night, because during the day he doesn't catch the sleep unless we are walking ...

Anyway, Merry Christmas, I hope you have a good holiday and more relaxed than mine ...

Monday, 27 October 2014

Here we have MiniSuperBoy (a.k.a. Daniel)

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It's already one week and a half ago he is with us, so it's time to officially present the latest addition to my family, Daniel:

By now he is quite good, he sleeps, eats and let sleep (yuhu!) and to make it better SuperNene is behaving like the best big brother, he gives him kisses, and tries to calm him when cries, I think I can not ask for more :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Preparing the hospital bag

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As it approaches the due date, we should start thinking about what we will need when we will be in the hospital, so, me, that I'm a bit proactive, with 36 weeks of pregnancy, I've begun to prepare the bag 'just in case', because, it's a really good thing to know and trust in the expected date of birth, but we shoudn't forget that birth is when the baby wants, and he/she doesn't know about calendars. :)

So, here I leave you a check-list of the basic things you will need, I don't include things such as camera, cash for vending machines, car park, or whatever will need the daddy, because that is a personal matter (and in some cases results obvious), I hope you find it useful.

Friday, 19 September 2014

DIY - A snack bag for the school

Well definetly I have a very little foresight, I did not know that young children had to wear a snack bag at school (well, I knew they had to bring food, but I believed that should be brought in a backpack). So swift and quick, I had to make a bag with some patchwork I had at home (luckily I never throw anything...) and two hours later here is the result:

DIY - Snack bag for school

This is the material I used to make a bag of 32x24cms:

  - Two pieces of pattern fabric of 26x23cms.
  - A piece of plain colored fabric, it will form the bottom part, of 26x28cms.
  - Two pieces of fabric to form the tube to pass the rope of 28x7.5cms
  - Two pieces of fabric to make a pair of loops and pass the rope of 5x6.5cms.
  - A ball of wool to make a plait to use it as a rope (though if I had had crochet chunky, it would be faster), we have to obtain two strings of 90cm each one.

DIY - Snack bag for school

Step by step:

1) We will join the two pattern pieces with the piece that will be the bottom part between them, placing the facing outer face with a zigzag stitch.

DIY - Snack bag for school

2) We make the tubes, putting the pieces inside out and making two doubles, one at each end of 2 cm and then will double over in half leaving the double inside.

DIY - Snack bag for school

3) With some pins we subject the tubes with the fabric also facing faces and sew zigzag, stitching one on each side of the fabric.

DIY - Snack bag for school

4) We make stitching on all seams to reinforce them and render them more beautiful.

DIY - Snack bag for school

5) We make a pair of loops to attach the rope with smaller pieces of fabric, folding them in half and each half in half again and then wiping them with a stitch.

DIY - Snack bag for schoolDIY - Snack bag for school

6) We fold the entire piece of fabric in half with the outer faces touching and putting the loops on the double, leaving folded part inside the fabric,and sew the side with a zigzag stitch (obviously, the tubes to pass rope will not sewed, so they are shorter than the rest of the fabric.) and to reinforce the seam also will pass a backstitch in the inside part of the zigzag seam.

DIY - Snack bag for schoolDIY - Snack bag for school

7) We turn inside out the bag and pass the rope or crochet chunky with the help of a hairpin, the idea for the bag closes just stretching the ropes, is to pass the rope first through a tube and then throuth the other back and tie it up to the loop and then to do the same with the other rope in the other direction.

DIY - Snack bag for schoolDIY - Snack bag for school

8) Et voilá, snack bag finished:
DIY - Snack bag for school

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Baby coming home. What to buy?

I don't know if you will be in the situation, but when we were expecting SuperBoy, we did not know what we would need and what were trying to sell us in baby shops just for the sake (I assure you that there are many products so rarely used but the shops tell you they are essentials). 

Here I leave my checklist to see if we have it all, I did not put amounts because it is quite personal and there are many things that people will gift you, specially talking about little clothes ;). There is one thing I have not added because it depends on baby, it is the electric mucus extractor, you can leave it "pending" and if the baby needs it, it is a very good buy :) 

Here you have the list in blue and pink.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

I should do something with my tip

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or what is the same with my part of the home study, so orderly that is part of my husband, you drop the heart sink when you get to my area. :(


I have to consider whether I have a hoarding syndrome or something like that, because I think that no more things can fit on it... Definitely, I have to do some cleaning ...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Anecdotes of SuperBoy

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Today I'm gonna tell you the last anecdote of SuperBoy, so far, the only reference he made to my pregnancy was pointing my baby bump and say 'tato' (which is the familiar way of saying brother here in Spain), he has now advanced to want to interact with him.

For three days, occasionally takes my shirt up and tells my belly 'Come, tato, come' and takes me all over the flat teaching to my belly what will be his room, the room where he sleeps and all his toys, he has even introduced him to Jacinta (which is a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner we have, and yes, it has a name) XD

Tell me, is not that cute? ^ _ ^

Thursday, 31 July 2014

SuperBoy's Cake

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Yesterday SuperBoy celebrated his third anniversary, it seems incredible how time passes one day is a just a little baby that hardly meowed and the next is a big boy with all his temper and his desire to play and run.

I'll show you the cake I made for him, the idea was to buy a cake already made ​​this year, given my considerable volume and the absolute laziness I have, but the bakery where I wanted to buy a fondant cake with a Mickey figure is closed for vacation, so I ended up doing this Limoncello cake and adding it a figure of Spiderman:

What do you think? I know that is not well covered by the sides, but
the cream is really difficult to handle with the summer kitchen temperature, anyway, SuperBoy loved it, well, in fact, SuperBoy, his father and all his grandparents. I have them all really well fed.

Next week I will publish the recipe ;)

Monday, 28 July 2014

Homemade vanilla ice cream, without ice cream maker

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I think this is one of the simplest recipe to do in the kitchen, it does not taste as a commercial vanilla ice cream (maybe I have to try adding more vanilla) but if you like sugary things, you will love this recipe, at least, SuperBoy does :D

  - 500 ml. of double cream
  - 1 small can of condensed milk (I think they were about 370 gr.)
  - 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract


Whip the cream, it must be very cold to whip it well, add the vanilla and finally the condensed milk, mix well and put in a container in the freezer where we will keep it for at least 6 hours.

And this is all, ice cream prepared without needed an ice cream maker, and without having to remove it every X hours, since it has not any sugar, it does not crystalize, it is wonderful!

Seen in:
Tía Alia Recetas (a highly recommended blog, but it's only in Spanish)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Official presentation of Daniel (MiniSuperBoy)

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So here we have the first photo MiniSuperBoy:

Yesterday was a perfect day medically speaking, we got the results of the glucose tolerance test, and they were OK, so in this pregnancy I get rid of the long test (yipee!), also the iron levels were correct, so by now I get rid of the damn iron pills.

In the afternoon we went on a 3D ultrasound scan, in a private clinic, and here we have the first official photo of MiniSuperBoy, isn't him cute? do not lie, let's be honest, it's a fetus, buuuut, doesn't seem to have a unpleasant face, he also has an enviable flexibility, what you see leaning on his forehead is a hand and a foot, OMG! that explains why he moves in the belly so much :)

Hi!!!! Let me introduce myself

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Well this is my first post of my new blog, I'm not new in blogger, but trying not to mix apples with oranges, I decided to create this blog to post things related to motherhood, the most homely part of my life, and various little things.

I'll tell you a little about myself, I'm a working mom (to call me a SuperMom, is highly questionable ...) I'm 33 years old (in a couple of months I'll be 34 y.o., phew), I have a little boy of almost 3 years old (hereinafter SuperBoy XD), and expecting another baby to be born in October. And here, I am trying to organize my work, the house (this is something I cannot complain because I receive a lot of help from my husband), the SuperBoy, schedules and trying to find a little free time for me... So, to be a supermom without overwhelm me :)

Years ago, back in 2007, I started writing a blog, Tiempo que matar, is called, which as the name suggests showed all the free time I had that allowed me to write about the most varied things (and absurd, why deny it) now the poor blog, is almost abandoned, of course, occasionally I visit it to remove the cobwebs, but is no longer what it was...

I also have a cooking blog, Tiempo de Cocinar, this is more updated, but lately I do not to cook much, I mean, I do not do anything flashy, I think by now we all know how to cook some green beans with potatoes XD.

Sorry, both blogs are written only in Spanish...

Well, roughly, this is me, I hope you enjoy this blog and also hope to find inspiration to publish something and not to be one of those 'wonderful' blogs that only have a home page :)