Monday, 27 October 2014

Here we have MiniSuperBoy (a.k.a. Daniel)

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It's already one week and a half ago he is with us, so it's time to officially present the latest addition to my family, Daniel:

By now he is quite good, he sleeps, eats and let sleep (yuhu!) and to make it better SuperNene is behaving like the best big brother, he gives him kisses, and tries to calm him when cries, I think I can not ask for more :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Preparing the hospital bag

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As it approaches the due date, we should start thinking about what we will need when we will be in the hospital, so, me, that I'm a bit proactive, with 36 weeks of pregnancy, I've begun to prepare the bag 'just in case', because, it's a really good thing to know and trust in the expected date of birth, but we shoudn't forget that birth is when the baby wants, and he/she doesn't know about calendars. :)

So, here I leave you a check-list of the basic things you will need, I don't include things such as camera, cash for vending machines, car park, or whatever will need the daddy, because that is a personal matter (and in some cases results obvious), I hope you find it useful.