Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Shared rooms, yes or not?

Arrrgggghhhh! I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do... I can't decide... I don't know what to do with the future kids bedrooms!!!

Well, for those who don't know me a lot, you will see that I use to be a bit dramatic for aparently trivial things... with serious matters I'm better, I promise...

Let me explain, in the flat where we live right now each kid has his own bedroom (both with trundle beds), the first idea was to take all the furniture with us to the new house, so I didn't thought about it, but one of the persons who ask for the flat wanted it with furniture (finally that person will not buy my flat but I keep thinking about it anyway...)

As he wanted it with furniture, my hubbie and me thought that as the baby keeps sleeping in the crib, we could buy just a bedroom and both kids could sleep in the same bedroom for a while, so it would be a expense less...

It seems that my older kid heared part of the talk and said he wanted to sleep with his brother...

...And to make it better they're fan of Peppa Pig and her wonderful bunk bed...

So when I was just thinking in furnishing just a bedroom and let the other one as play room... finally, maybe, who knows... maybe we take both bedrooms with us...

And here I am thinking, if I take with me both bedrooms... will they sleep anyway in the same room in the trundle bed? or better each one in his own bedroom? or better we pray for someone who want to buy the flat with furniture and so I will buy a bunk bed?

I, just in case, am looking for some ideas in Pinterest...


This one will not fit, but it's really cool :)

And your kids? Do they share bedroom? 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

My moving binder

Traducción a Español

Well, I'm loving a lot to prepare binders to organize myself.

As we get close to the moving date (maybe, and with some luck, we will sell our flat next month and then we will have to run to take all our things out of it before sign the sell), I see that we have a lot of things related anyway with the moving and the new house and it will be interesting to save them written so I will not forget anyone, so I'm preparing a binder to have all of them together.

moving binder

Some months ago I showed to you an inventory to control all the things we move, in which box we have everything and what will be its future place.

Well, I have modified a bit the documents, now I have a:

- Locations list, the idea is to give a number or a color to every room, later we will write it in each box (or put a sticker with the color) to make easier to organize them in the new location.

moving binder

- Boxes list, this one already was before but I have added a new column. Here we will write the box number, what kind of objects has (grosso modo),  the number of room where it will go and the new column will help us to verify its arriving to the new home (just a checking column)

- Inventory, to specify the content in each box, so if we need anything it will be easier to find.

- Labels, now in addition to the box number and content, I have added a space to write the room number or to put a sticker with the color of the room where it will be located in the new home.

I have done for it a basic cover in black and white.

And some sections Moving, Budgets, Invoices, Contacts, Lists and Contracts. In my binder I have put them in plastic cases with DinA4 size and I have put them post-it adhesive bookmarks.

carpeta mudanza

In the Moving section, I have the locations, box lists and inventory.

Budgets, Invoices and Contracts are just to organize the documents related with the new home.

For Contacts I have prepare too a document to write the contact list related with the sell, the new house and all that we contract.

In List, will be some lists that I have created with things to do, things to buy, supply contracts that we should cancel or change, who to inform the new address...

moving binder

And finally I have prepare a white calendar to fill with dates after the day we sign the sell of the flat.

May you think anything more I've forgotten?

PS. The documents I share are in Word format and with an Arial font, so you may change them and adequate them to your own needs and your style.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

About the Maternity leaves

Today I was not going to write about this topic, but I have heard today in the news  and I have been astounded...  

In the US, in most cases there's no maternity leave! 

The story begins with two women who suffered the sad coincidence that both of them lost their babies after leaving them in nurseries...

The article linked on top (from Spanish press) says both of them left their babies of just 2 weeks old in the nursery, but after reading the new in USA Today and an article in the NY Times I have found that one of them leave the baby being 3 months old, but they say that some women have to leave them being as young as 2 weeks old to return to their jobs.

Anyway... two weeks old babies! Really?

Let's leave aside the fact that accidents happen and if babies had had 16 weeks (which is the duration of maternity leave we have here in Spain) could have been the same. Also we will forget the issue of: what about breastfeeding? Lately we have seen many scandals most from the USA started by idiots that feel uncomfortable with someone who was breast-feeding a baby in public... but ... what about the postpartum period?  

I find it totally absurd that a country from the called 'First World', guardian of freedom and so pride of traditional family values ​​may not be able to create a law to protect newborns and their mothers. Today they have a negative point.

El País (a Spanish newspaper) published last year: 
United States is the only OECD nation that does not require companies to provide paid maternity leave. The legislation ensures that only companies with more than 50 workers must ensure as employees for 12 weeks after having a child, but are not required to maintain the salary. The duration is also the shortest among the top 41 economies in the world.
The International Labour Organization states that countries should recognize a minimum of 14 weeks of maternity leave, mothers receive at least two thirds of their salary during this period and that compensation is covered by public services. The US is the only developed country that does not meet any of these requirements. According to the Labor Department, only 13% of mothers American workers reported some form of paid leave in 2014.
What do you think? I cannot say, it seemed to me that we had short maternity leaves in Spain with 16 weeks and we should have the option to extend down to the 6 months recommended by WHO for exclusively breastfeeding although it was losing a part of the salary... Now I don't know if I may complain or not...

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Printable: School timetable

Traducción al Español

OMG, time flies, we have already spent the first half of August and the Back to School is really near (here in Aragon, we start at September,  8th)

This year I'm afraid that I will have a bit of mess, I don't know, you may call me pessimist but, I have the feeling that we will finally sell our flat and will have to move in a hurry just during the Back to School time...

I, just in case, go ahead with some work and have started preparing a printable for the class timetable.

There, you have two pages, the first one is the timetable for the kids with their boxes for hours, subjects and after-school activities, the second page is for you, to have a copy of the timetable (I have one in the kitchen) and to may do a planning of school meals and write down if they have to take something to school, you know something like: the kid cannot forget to take that project or that material...

At first I thought in doing one copy each week, then I though in laminate the timetable (the one for the adults), but finally, as you may see in the photo, I'm going to use small post-its for the meals and things to take, so it will be more flasy and it's a lot more ecologic than printing a page per week...

Here you may download the .pdf file with both timetables.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday recommendation - Hello Wonderful

Traducción al Español

Finally is Friday! And here in Spain, we have a long weekend (Monday is Holiday)

Today I'm going to share with you a webpage to entertain yourself and keep entertained also to the kids, the web of Hello Wonderful

It's full of ideas for crafts, recipes and resources for kids, that is great for these summer evenings, isn't it?

Have a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How to make a key box

Traducción al español

This is one of the first crafts I made for home before I got married and it was somewhat by chance.
When we started to look for the first decorations for our then future flat (now, our current flat, yes, that one that I'm selling by now... Is there anyone there interested in buying a flat in Alcaniz? XD) I fell in love with a canvas to hide the electric box, I liked it so-so-so much that I didn't think about a small unimportant thing... its measures... ahem ... ...
And what happened? Well, when I went to hang the canvas, the electric box was like 5 cms. bigger than what I had bought (Total fail !!!)

So, as I didn't want to leave it unused, I had to think about recycling it somehow, and I decided to make a key box.

I should say that here in Spain we have a small electric box just about 30x40cms. so the canvas I used to do this craft is a picture with hinges holding it to a 3cms. deep frame.

The pity is that I have photographs of the process, of course, this was 10 years ago, but hey, the procedure is quite easy to explain :)

We just need:
- The canvas for an electric-box
- A table of marquetry
- Dye of the same color as the picture frame
- The amount of small hooks that will be needed (I used 12)
- Small-headed nails.

The first step is to measure the picture frame (the part that will be anchored to the wall), and we will buy a table of marquetry with those measures in a craft store.
We sand the table and dye it to have a color as close as possible to the frame and not stand out. My frame was wenge color, so I dyed the table with walnut color and was quite similar. 

Now, we divide the table into thirds and then do the divisions we want to do (the idea is to be equidistant), and now we mark and screw by hand the hooks.  
We put the table face down on the hollow part of the picture, we hold with the help of masking tape so it do not move and pound some small-headed nails (two on each side of the frame will be enough).
Et voilà, now we only have to screw it to the wall.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Home is...

...wherever my family is.

It's a great phrase, isn't it? So I have decided to print it in a paper, and now I have to buy a nice frame, so I'll already have one decoration for my future new house :)

Here you have the pdf file to download the printable (withouth watermarks).